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Scrapbook psyc 265-Keshia Bancroft

No description

Keshia Bancroft

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Scrapbook psyc 265-Keshia Bancroft

Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Histrionic Personality Disorder-
Howard Stern
I enjoyed and learned so much from doing my research about these disorders. Stern was the perfect case studied and going into the mind of his erratic antics, reading his book, watching his movie, broadcasts and interviews, he embodied these traits full blown and it was strange, offensive and fascinating at the same time. I also watched America's Got talent where his attitude has softened but not much.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-Chad(from A&E)
I did a journal assignment on Chad. Watching his experience with OCD up close, it was clear how crippling and emotionally upsetting it was to live with this disorder. I could feel the stress, anxiety and discomfort through my computer monitor! I learned people with OCD cannot control their ritualistic tendencies and Chad expressed he once 'wiped off' a bad thought for 10 hours straight.
Robin Williams
Scrapbook psyc 265-Keshia Bancroft
Robin Williams death from suicide, was unexpected, learning more about suicide in chapter 7 I learned more about how there isn't a clear understanding and in this case there were underlying reasons for years. Learning about the deaths of suicide committed by children was new to me and alarming. Learning the different views and attitudes towards suicide that vary from cultures and religions and the 'right' to commit suicide were all interesting to me, which in Robin William's case was probably the idea that he could go out 'on his own terms.'
The impact of stress on the body was
interesting to me, the videos of flight
or fight response as well as trauma that
can result stood out for me to remember.
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