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South Korea


Alicia Baker

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of South Korea

SOUTH KOREA INTRODUCTION The flag of south korea
has 3 parts:white back
ground,a red and blue
taegeuk in the center,
and four black trigrams
one at each corner The map of South Korea In 1910,Korea was
annexed by Japan.
The North Korea and
the South Korea were
together but then they
had a war and then they
split up the country. GOVERNMENT OF SOUTH KOREA The government of South Korea is divided into executive judicial,
and legislative branches. clothing Korean's traditional clothing
is a dress with a ripen near
the chest and on the arms there
are really small flowers and on
the bottem there is more small
flowers Taekwondo is a martial art with
Korean origin. Taekwondo teach
you how to self-defence and
high kicks. OUR CARS TO SOUTH KOREA CARS The population in South
Korea is 49,780 In Canada we don't
have cars like South
Korea.but south Korea
cars are golf carts with
car stuff on it. PSY Psy was born December,31,1977.
He is a songwriter,singer,rapper,dancer
and record producer. mugunghwa Mungunghwa is also know as
Rose of Sharon is national flower
of South Korea TAEKWONDO BLACK BELT longitude and latitude of
south korea is 37˚ N and
130˚ E HISTORY BREAKING NEWS Just in on Dec,12,2012 North Korea
set off a rocket some where in South
Korea .Now they are wondering were the
rocket went to. weather The weather in south
korea is cold and
sometimes chilly. When the sun is out
it is still cold and chilly. this is the traditional korean dress This is one
of canada's car THE END!
BY:ALICIA BAKER! PRIME MINISTER Kim hwang sik ia a South Korean
lawyer and politician who became
the country's Prime Minister on
October 1st 2010.
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