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Zero Dark Thirty

No description

Rachael Klink

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty
Following the September 11 attack, Osama bin Laden became one of the most-wanted man on the planet. Maya, a CIA analyst becomes obsessed with discovering the whereabouts of Al Qaeda's leader. Over the years she tirelessly hunts down leads and pursues dead ends in order to bring the terrorist to justice. In her search for answers, Maya sometimes uses questionable enhanced interrogation techniques. Thus, causing problems with her bosses. Her deep obsession with capturing bin Laden slowly takes over her whole life and causes her to make poor judgement calls resulting in the lives of some of her friends.
This film takes place primarily in Pakistan and covers the years from 2003-2012 with flashbacks to the 2001 terrorist attacks. Props that convey the setting are:
people dressed in standard Middle Eastern clothing
men in military uniforms
places that have been bombed
the use of suicide bombers.
The most important factors are social and political factors. The hunt for Osama bin Laden is both a political search and a personal one. It takes several countries coming together to finally brin bin Laden to justice. On the other hand, this is a personal film. Many of the people hunting the terrorist have been personally affected by the loss of friends or even family. Maya demands retribution for the death of her friends and for her country as she relentlessly seeks out Osama bin Laden.
This film is for the Thinking Man. The film deals with aspects such as torture, which is a moral dilemma one must consider. Should the US support torture or should they be against it? They must also deal with the casualties of innocent civilians and weigh its worth against the death of a few terrorists.
Thinking or Weeping Man
Current Events
The torture scenes relate to that of the going ons in Guantanamo Bay. The idea that torture is a necessity to obtain important information from criminals is displayed equally in the film and the detention camp. Today, and in the film people argue that torturing other humans is wrong regardless of any reason you may give.
Robert Baden-Powell's "Leave this world a little better than when you found it". Zero Dark Thirty conveys the idea that the world will be a much better place once bin Laden and his fellow terrorists have been disposed of. They are essentially cleaning up the world.
In the final analysis, I give this room four out of five stars simply because the dramatization of such a devastating part of history is insensitive. However, the torture scenes depicted were highly realistic as were many of the hard hitting scenes within the film. One should see this film simply to even slightly comprehend the aspects of torture. Ultimately, the only thing that separates the US from the Jihadists is that we have the world's permission to be a terrorist and they don't.
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