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BridgeBudapest | Kürtőskalács in Japan

This presentation describes the launch of Kürtőskalács in the Japanese market in a semi-realistic manner, by examining current market trends, cultural, legal and creative factors.

Janos Novits

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of BridgeBudapest | Kürtőskalács in Japan

purchased at retail outlets, eaten at fast food chains or mobile food facilities offering both traditional or western cuisine

To fully localize and replicate the Western company’s service menu,

a joint venture partner willing to commit significant staffing, infrastructure, and market development funding is recommended.

Market Entry Strategy
Product Background
Market Facts
The Plan
events and festivals each year across the country
million people
This presentation describes the launch of
in the
market in a semi-realistic manner, by examining current market, demographical and cultural trends, alongside the legal and creative factors.
consumed as street food
popular pastry
hungarian origin
fastest aging population
By 2017 one-third of the population will be over age 60
accompanied by thousands of Yatai's
Due to growing number of single households...
.. increasing demand for quick and easy meals...
Elder people less likely to try new foreign products
Big market with possibilities
good opportunity to sell
mostly traditional local food
became one of the most popular pastries, customized to japanese taste during the decades
Baumkuchen on market since 1940's
direct competitors with market lead
similiar taste texture and recognition
achieved reasonable success in western gastronomy
Formal Preparations
Initial Public Opinion
What's your first impression of "Kürtőskalács"?
Would you buy it?
What's your advice for selling it in japan?
"I am curious about its taste and texture"
"If sampletastry is available, I might buy one"
it looks quite junky, I'm not sure if its bad or good.
For adults, no repeat unless taste something really good, or special.

without a gap,

"Looks good"
"Looks good but too sweet"
"It's novel and interesting, so I would definately buy it"
"its extreamly similar to baumkuchen"
Children loves eating cornet while playing by unting it, so same reason, they may like it.
Chocolate Coating and putting ice cream by sides will be catchy.
Make Looks cute of it will catch most girls/females eyes in Japan.
I will definatly buy it, if there is demonstration sales as it is in pictures.
Take sales part with leading company
Advertise well.
Need more impression on the looks. Need more impact.
Demonstration sales will definatly catch eyes.
Enjoyable by watching, and it looks tasty.
official permission from the Japanese health department.
Segment Specific Strategy
Final Verdict
Mobile Food & Festival Segment
Pop-Up Restaurants
Retail availability
Confectionery Franchise
possible partnership
General Marketing Strategy
Expansion Timeline
Representing hundreds of years of Hungarian tradition
Sharing the story behind Kürtőskalács
Customizing for local demands with
traditional and local flavours
Appealing design and packaging merging hungarian and japanese elements
Brand name
Thank You for your kind attention!
Used Sources

Yusuke Arai
Levente Pintér
Japan Bakery and Cereals Market Focus 2017
Trends and Developments in the Bakery and Cereals Sector in Japan
Trends in japan
Juchein Baumkuchen Group
Yatai the Japanese Streetfood
Employed in the most populated areas
Convenient stores
Japanized version of original word
Entotsu keki
Mirror translation due to cultural reasons is not suggested
/chimney cake/
Sense Marketing
Catchy Demonstrations
Sample tasting
short& authentic
KürtősKalács was already sold on this name in Japan in 2011
cheap & succesfull
Funny random and kinky advertisments
Gastro Bloggers Idols and Online Streamers
Cooperation with influencers
massive amount of followers
Brand Characters
to boost cute index
in costumes
Festival division
Urban divison
may be expensive
Crusising around with a daily schedule around
Schools, Parks,Malls,Touristic places employment areas
Traveling around the country alongside the Yatai Caravan
Mobile Food & Festival Segment
By focusing on
Kürtőskalács can use it's advantage againts the competitor Baumkuchen
Open for limited time, then traveling to another city
/not present on mobile market/
Vending Machines
Only with partnership
good impact
Special thanks to
To receive this permission, you will have to meet the prefectural terms on hygiene as well as designate a food sanitation supervisor who will be in charge of keeping your business in accordance with prefectural regulations.
You can obtain certification as a food hygiene representative by participating in classes on food hygiene and sanitation.
Entry to Japanese Market is only possible
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