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The Machine Gun

No description

Maxine S

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Machine Gun

But take a guess. What is this thing? It was invented by a guy named
James Puckle in 1718 Yeah, neither did I. Do you know what this is? The first one, to be exact It's a ma chine gun And then there's this guy. <---- He created this thing It's the automatic machine gun James Puckle made his
gun in London England
in 1718. He named the
gun the puckle gun. this guy got influenced by james
and he made it automatic. Did you know that this gun was made for using against christian enemies This is what the puckle gun
looks like. Nobody wanted James Puckles gun
because he never mass produced the
first gun. Nobody except James knew
how to use it because nobody wanted it. This guy helped
that guy build a
better machine
It affected modern wasrfare
and later on world war 1 because
it shot less rounds.
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