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The amazing rainforest (Bas, Adrian)

No description

Bas Elshout

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of The amazing rainforest (Bas, Adrian)

The Amazing Rainforest
The rainforest
Do you know what a rainforest is? It has lots of trees and plants especially animals some animals are really endangered they are almost extincted go to the next page to find out.
Deforestation is when someone burns or cuts down the trees. It kills animals and sometime when they burn the forest we get all the haze.
What is so important
about animals.
The animals are really important because we need them for medicine clothes and stuff but we also need them for nature like bees they carry pollen.
Here is a video about
which animals are endangered
in the rainforest.
What animals are engendered
The climate on the rainforest
What is deforestation?
What should we do to help?
we should not eat productions that have palm oil or eat meat every singal day.
Here you can see how less cool animals there are left in the world.
why should we stop?
Because they burn trees down for the space of the palm oil.And they don't care if a animal is still on the tree.Soon the animals will die because of the fire.
If you have any questions.Than please answer here.
send a email to

the climate on the rainforest is humid and hot depending on the weather.
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