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The Trail of Arcsin

No description

Noah Meyer

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The Trail of Arcsin

The Trail of Arcsin
By Noah & Levi Meyer, Isis Thickstun, Jordan Revels, & Kevin Kauff
It all started when Chief Harris gave us a mission of paramount importance. To find and capture the mathmagicion Guapo Arcsin. There was just two problems, one was that Guapo wasn't his real name, it was an alias, and two is that our scientist have found an untraceable scanner that is checking for the use of calculators if found it may set off the world implosion device early
The Mission
At about 12:24 Guapo broke into the famous Inca ruins and stole an Intihuatana stone. he left us a math problem to solve, the answer ended up being A=81
Now Guapo has stolen four rare limestone cornerstones that were part of a Mayan ceremonial platform. In his clue he told us he was thinking about running for congress and gave us three different options to chose from. After carefully studying the options we are of the conclusion that the first option has the highest chance of winning. So the answer must be G=-6
Mayan Congress
When we arrived in the Andes Mountains we found he has sheared two dozen alpacas. What he plans to do with alpaca wool we have been unable to figured out. Guapo's clue was a complex math problem that when done carefully ended up being Q=.2
Two Dozen Shaved
So we
The Chief called and told us that Guapo has decided to play fair and give us a chance to catch him, he will leave clues every time he steals something.
Oil Tanker Sandwich
The captain of an oil tanker decided to go to shore to eat a sandwich and when he tried to return to his ship it was gone, but there was a note in its place. Guapo told us that to find A we would have to find the denominator of 125/1000 when it is written in lowest terms, to find B he told us divide the number of minutes in a day by 360, then show those numbers as √AB, then our mystery number would be an approximation of √AB on a number line he gave us. The answer was W=32
Faces of the Aztec
Now Guapo has stolen an unknown amount of rubble and a few Aztec jade masks. In his latest clue Guapo has given us four number lines each is meant to build on the last. Being the largest clue this one took the longest, but after much deliberation we have found the answer to this one as well. The answer is P=-3
The Spanish Clue
Well this was unexpected. Guapo has now started stealing animals, rare blind Egyptian six legged mice to be exact. His latest clue requires us to translate it from Spanish to English... Now we have translated it we find it tells us the answer is the number of letters in one of the three words each word has a set of numbers that need to be changed in to decimals. The words are Gato, Perro, and Pez. After changing all the numbers in to decimals we have found that Perro is the answer, since Perro has five letters the answer is ñ=5
The Text
Guapo has just sent us the key to his puzzle. It says:
omg u arent gonna figure this out my num is perfect
Now we have the numbers we need we can find out who Guapo is.
4 2 √49=7 3
Now we know who Guapo is, he is Hiram the doctor whose favorite number is six
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