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My passion : horse riding

No description


on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of My passion : horse riding

Some figures

the 3rd most popular sport in France with more than 800 000 holders of license
the 1st women's sport
2.2 million of riders
8 000 of riding-related structures
1 100 000 horses in France
more than 200 different horse breeds in the world
My trail
I started at 3 years old and a half in an equestrian club in St Victoret
I used to ride twice a week (wednesday and saturday)
I began the contests at 7
My parents joined me in 2006
I had my first horse in 2008
French saddle
1996 (20)
wild but generous
retired in Bourgogne

more than 30 equestrian disciplines
9 levels called "Galop"
more than 90 000 regional hardships per year
around twenty big horse show during the year (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Avignon...)
My passion : horse riding

Jumping contest
Carriage driving
Anglo Arab
1992 (24)
close to human
retired in Bourgogne
French Saddle
1993 (23)
precious and sensitive
retired in Bourgogne
French Saddle
2005 (11)
capricious and lazy but strong
works at St Pierre's stables (Aubagne)

2006 (10)
lively and respectful
works with a new rider
French Saddle
2005 (11)
lovely and really calm
works at St Pierre's stables (Aubagne)
Thank you for your attention !
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