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Hindu Beliefs

No description

connor adams

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Hindu Beliefs

Humans are conscious beings, so they are all one with Brahman.
The universe and all of reality is one big act of consciousness, which underlies everything and is everything.
Hindu Beliefs
By Connor Adams

The ultimate moral balance of all things

Everybody has the responsibility to balance his or her own dharma in their life.
- "What goes around comes around"
- "You reap what you sow"
Brahman is the power that sustains the universe.
Cosmic Force
Brahman is the deepest reality of the universe, it is the supreme cosmic force.
A fragment of the divine Brahman, the inner self or soul
Atman is beyond the body, beyond thoughts, and beyond feelings.
Maya is most notably about illusions.
Maya is when people see things as separate from each other, or people as separate from each other.
Living in Maya
If you are living in maya you are imprisoned in ignorance and distraction, and you do not believe that brahman is in everything
Once you realize Brahman is present in everyone and everything and it surges through all living things you are no longer living in maya.

Divine Order
Just as there is a divine order of the natural and cosmic realms, there is the same order within a personal life.
An ethical and moral life with an undisturbed dharma is a path to happiness.
If an individual disturbs this order, they will suffer commensurately.
Karma is the belief that a person experiences the effects of his or her actions, every action has consequences.
Known as reincarnation, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth
A state of changeless bliss, like reaching heaven for christians.
Every life cycle presents a new opportunity for balance and a balanced dharma.
Past Life
Your worldly status depends upon actions in a past life, good actions can liberate a person.
Some hindus believe that certain people meet in more than one life in order to achieve karmic balance.
Moksha is achieved by living a life of religious devotion and moral integrity without interest in worldly things.
Union with God
The ultimate reward for being devoted and having moral integrity is to be released from samsara and union with god.
Caste System
The highest level before reaching moksha is being a preist or religious person, which is in the brahmin caste.

Maya is the opposite of Brahman, it means you don't see the brahman in everything,
You must realize that yourself is a part of Brahman
Once you get out of Samsara you end up in Moksha
Having good karma puts you in a better spot in the next life
If you disturb Dharma, you will face consequences through Karma
A Hindu's dharma is played out in all areas of life, and if they make a promise that promise must be kept at all costs.
Maintaining a perfect moral balance will help you get to Moksha
Maya is when Dharma is broken or unbalanced
To get to Moksha you need to recognise the Brahman in yourself and in all things
You can only get to Moksha with good karma, and through many cycles of Samsara.
Maya - Dharma
Dharma - Moksha
Dharma - Karma
Karma - Samsara
Moksha - Karma
Moksha - Samsara
Brahman - Moksha
Brahman - Atman
Brahman - Maya
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