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What Happened?

This movie is about a teen couple who is very poular. The couple comes across a very quiet student who has a crush on the girl. The boyfriend gets mad and a fight breaks out. More drama is occurring and everything leads back to the quiet student!

Kristi-Ann Walters

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of What Happened?

A popular Junior in high school
who is dating Derrick, a baseball
She has a secret admirer named Steve.

What Happened? Derrick
A popular baseball player who is dating Jessica. He is very self-centered and arrogant. He does not like Steve because Derrick knows that Steve likes Jessica. Steve
A quiet Sophmore in high school who has a crush on
Jessica.He is in love with Jessica and would do
anything to be with her. He does not like Derrick
because he is always messing with him and he want
his revenge. April
April is a popular Junior in high school who is
Jessica's best friend and has
a great personality. She has a crush on a
guy named Trevor and loves to hang ou
t with him.
In conclusion this movie is about a high school couple that endures many problems after Steve enters their lives.
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