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The Chinese New Year

No description

Susan Wei

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of The Chinese New Year

Customs of The Chinese New Year
Why do Chinese practice all these customs?
*Have you found any
differences and similarities
between the ways Chinese
celebrate their New Year and
the ways you celebrate
Christmas with your family?



- Create a mind map of the
similarities and differences
between the customs of Chinese New Year and what you and your family do during Christmas using Popplet or Pictochart
- Share the link of your Popplet or Pictochart on Ms. Wei's Edmodo.
- Make
at least one comment
on others' mind maps or threads.
- How to use Popplet or Pictochart

A mind map (in Chinese)
Make a story
(5 to 7 minutes of presentation)
(in Chinese or English)
- Make an imagined story on what you would do if you were to spend
three days
of visit to a family in China during the Chinese New Year.
- You presentation has to include the New Year's Eve scenes, courteous greetings
in Chinese
, and the use of various media such as images and music audio.
- Send the link of your Prezi to Ms. Wei at
before the class.
- Share your story in our next class and use Prezi to help you with the presentation.
- You may make your presentation in English, however, a Chinese version of your story would be encouraged.
Chinese New Year
Sing for fun

A reminder for next class
- Get ready for your presentation.
- Bring your pen and paper.
- Bring any visual aid that can help you with your storytelling.
Optional Activities
Due 13/Oct/2014
What are the features of Chinese New Year?
Hints: the New Year's Eve, atmosphere, colours, decorations...
The following websites may help you learn more about the traditions of Chinese New Year.
Ms. Wei's Pinterest
Use "Google Search" to find out more information!
Check out the story of "Nian" and the origin of Chinese New Year.
The greetings of Chinese New Year
Play for fun
- Use an English-Chinese dictionary to help you with translation.
English-Chinese Online Dictionary

- Check out the link for Chinese stroke order
See you next week.
Watch this first!
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