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Horse Breeds

No description

Adrianna Bethke

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Horse Breeds

Adrianna Bethke Horse Breeds Thoroughbred Arabian Friesian Shiny black coat
Used for carriage horses
May have existed around 1000 B.C.
Has descended from the Forest horse Marwari Originated in Northwest India
Was used as a war horse
14.3-15 Hands High Black Forest Horse 14.2-15.3 Hands High
Dark chestnut coat with flaxen mane and tail
Good natured and gentle Racehorse
15-17hands high
Come in every solid color
Used also for jumping and dressage High spirited
Dished faces
Very fast
Originated in Arabia Haflinger 13-15 Hands High
Hard working
Originated in Austria Quarter Horse Powerful hindquarters
Palomino Mustang Originated in North America
Descendants from Barbs and Arabians
Can come in a variety amount of colors Belgians Hard working
Originated in Belgium Clydesdale Over 18 Hands High
Thick mane
Over 2,000 pounds
Black and white striped hooves Rocky Mountain Gentle
Originated in Kentucky
14.2-16 Hands High
Have a Flaxen mane and tail Appaloosa Idaho's state animal
Used for:
War horses
Hunting horses Miniature Pony Adults weigh 150-250 pounds
Foals weigh 15-25 pounds
Live until they're about 30
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