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Adrian Nuevas

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of SIMPLE

SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING FOR LGU ECOSYSTEMS SIMPLE ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATION REASONS TO USE SIMPLE SIMPLE is an integrated ecosystem planning and management approach SIMPLE empowers the local commmunities SIMPLE develops long-term capacity at the local level at affordable costs SIMPLE links investment plans with budgets and expenditures SIMPLE helps reduce impacts from disasters and climate change THE NECESSITY FOR LAND USE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT LIMITED LANDS, MULTIPLE AND COMPETING USES
there is a disparity between the current land use, and the right and best-fitting use of the land. THE CHALLENGES TO SOUND TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT lack of capacity and expertise in land use planning lack of ownership over externally-formulated land use plans fragmented and multiple sectoral plans the need to know how to integrate climate change and disaster risks into local planning SIMPLE: An integrated ecosystems planning
and management approach local ecosystems are integrated in the plan and seen in their holistic importance for the land territory of the local governments AREAS OF CONTRIBUTION OF SIMPLE EFFECTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING AND CAPABILITY-BUILDING IMPLEMENTING CONVERGENCE INITIATIVE ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCE FINANCING SIMPLE draws on the Rationalized Planning System promoted by the Department of Interior and Local Government

SIMPLE is not a policy guideline, rather, it is a collection of processes, management tools, and methods to implement existing guidelines and policies more efficiently to incapacitate the local governments Goals and Objectives
Pillars for Sound Territorial Development
Stakeholders' Role
Estimated Costs SIMPLE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES SIMPLE enables local governments to manage their entire territory from "ridge to reef" SIMPLE empowers communities SIMPLE develops local capacities at affordable costs SIMPLE Pillars for Sound Territorial Development THREE-LEVEL SCOPE OF SIMPLE Innovations of SIMPLE within the Rationalized Planning System SIMPLE as an integrated ecosystem planning and management approach RIDGE-TO-REEF APPROACH Stakeholders Role SIMPLE Overview of the Five Phases SIMPLE Training Modules
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