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No description

Mr. Stack

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of MUSICAL MADDIE

Derek Paravicini
By Madison

July 26 1979
Derek Paravicini
Daniel Tammet was born in the same year as Derek. His birthday is January 31, 1979.
Derek has autism,he's blind. When Derek a baby the doctors said he wouldn't expect to stay alive. Derek technically died 3 times. Derek loves piano. He's loved the piano since he was little.
Savants brains are weird because when there brains get sick there brains act weird.How people become savants are diseases and illnesses. There are 100 savants in America.Some savants are Daniel Tammet and Kim Peek.
Here are 2 more savants you might know.
Daniel Tammet
Kim Peek
Dereks family members are Mary Ann Parker Bowles and Nicolas Paravicini

Derek's brain is half music and half regular things that we have in our brain.
Music part of Dereks brain
Normal things such as math, reading and writing in Dereks brain
Do you think Derek looks like Daniel Tammet?
Thank you for watching my prezi!
I would like to thank
Google for images and information
Bensound for the music
Youtube for the fablous videos and Prezi for letting me do this
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