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Performance Talk

No description

Kelly Birchall

on 11 July 2017

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Transcript of Performance Talk

Accrington and Rossendale College

To Begin...
The tasks.
Teacher evaluation, peer evaluation and self- evaluation.
Time To Dance...
I would amend the room layout if required to ensure all learners are in view of the board and prepare a safe working environment.

Welcome learners at the door.

Introduce myself, and learn students names.

Discuss where the lesson fits within the scheme of work and the relevance of this lesson in terms of summative assessment.
Introduce session, objectives, followed by lesson outline.
Starter Activity
To Finish
Session Title - Understand how to improve dance for performance through evaluation and review.
By Kelly Louise Birchall
The objectives of the lesson, have been derived from sections 2 and 5 from grading criteria of Unit 38 (Dance Performance) allowing students to demonstrate and document the skills required to pass the unit successfully.

'What makes a good performance?'
Physical warm up (Cardio and stretches)

Baseline assessment of students
I would demonstrate and teach devised choreography, or refer to and recap previous work (This could be set choreography from ballet, jazz or contemporary module, for example.)

I would encourage students and give help and advice where necessary, use selected and scaffolded questioning to test previous learning (Started activity) and keep referring back to lesson objectives.

The Routine
Thank you for listening,
Teacher Assessment and Feedback
1) General feedback throughout the lesson

2) Specific, measurable, individual feedback and improvement suggestion (Use of Differentiation) - Referring back to objectives

3) Formative assessment at the end of the session - Reviewing students Self-assessment document
4) End of unit assessment (Documentation and meeting)
Peer Assessment
In pairs or small groups instruct the students to repeat the choreography learnt, this time watching their peers and giving feedback through the ‘two stars and one wish’ method. (Differentiation -Higher level students will be paired together allowing for more in-depth feedback and response)

Check all individuals are on task and understand the relevance of peer feedback, referring back to starter activity.

Self Assessment
Students would be instructed to review own technical performance, setting targets and noting areas for improvement. (Differentiation will be evident on hand-outs as lower level students will have prompt questions for self-evaluation)

Students would also be encouraged to reflect the lesson in their logs / diaries.

And finally students would be encouraged to give myself feedback (via post-it notes or handouts)
Review and summarise session – refer back to objectives.

Thank the students and remind them to fill in reflective log book (If required)

Document the session.

Self-evaluate the lesson and address any improvements for future teaching.

The Tasks
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