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Euthanasia IR Fair

No description

Anis Khor

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Euthanasia IR Fair

IR Fair
Topics used.
Other questions that could be included
Adults view.
Disadvantages of the IR
- She has violated the word limit.
Advantages of the IR
Final Mark Scheme
Is it justifiable for humans to perform Euthanasia?
- She presented her topics using diversity of formats.
- She also included a lot figures and statistics to support her points.
-She also included religion perspectives.
- She also included a lot of case studies.
Sub-topics used.
1. Global, National and Personal Perspectives
2. Reasons for governments and non-governmental organizations to go for or against euthanasia
3. Teens' Point of View
4. Malaysia's Policy
- She explained her personal perspectives in a podcast for about 6 minutes.
The overall mark scheme for this IR is 36/40.
- She should have included more scenarios and less case studies.
Gather and present information, representing different perspectives
Presents a broad range of relevant information - She includes a lot of information that is related to her focus question and also added details about her topic to inform the reader what Euthanasia is about so that the reader won’t get confuse.

Shows use of a range of highly appropriate resources - she includes a broad range of appropriate resources to show the examiner.

Gives a wide variety of perspectives, including global, local/national and personal - She also includes religion perspectives such as Islam, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu.

Band 4 - 10 marks

Analyze issues within the topic as identified by the question posed for the study
Developed an evidence and personal response showing self awareness.
Detailed evidence of an appropriate personal response - Her personal response is very detailed. She included the 2 case studies.

Full reference to the considered evidence which fully justifies the response

Sound evidence of self awareness - She knows what she’s talking about and she can back herself up with the evidence.

Band 4 - 8 marks
- Identifies highly relevant issues
- Shows thorough analysis of these issues.
- Considers the causes, effects and current situation in depth.

She identifies highly relevant issues, she shows thorough analysis of the issues and she considers the causes, effects and current situation in depth.

Band 4 - 10 marks
Identify and evaluate possible scenarios and formulate possible courses of action
Identifies a range of possible scenarios - She only gave 3 possible scenarios which wasn’t enough. In order to get full mark, she should’ve include at least 5 possible scenarios.

Show sound evaluation - She gave a detailed evaluation on each scenario

Proposes some appropriate courses of action which are well developed - She included some appropriate courses of actions and they were all explained in detailed.

Band 4 - 8 marks
Why is it being discussed today?
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