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Chasing Lincolns killer

No description

Jimmy Weber

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Chasing Lincolns killer

Summary The book “Chasing Lincoln's Killer" is about the chase of President Lincoln's Assassin. The books main character is not Abraham Lincoln, but his killer, John Wilkes Booth. The story follows J. Wilkes Booth and his plan to assassinate the president; it shows the planning, the killing, and the manhunt to find Lincoln’s killers. After assassinating the President, Booth flead from Ford's Theater and got out of Washington. People helped shelter Booth even at the risk of being arrested for helping the criminal. The book includes a lot of detail about the manhunt and the assassination and follows booth to his very last stand, and finally concludes the search for Booth. The theme of the book varies at different points. At the begining it is happy, all of Washington is celebrating because the war is over. But Booth is not happy at all. It was a dark, sad day for him. After the assassination the books theme is sad because the death of Lincoln, but intense because Booth is being hunted. At the end the book can have two themes depending on what the reader thinks. If the reader is happy that Booth was caught then the mood is happy, but if the reader didn’t want Booth to be caught then the ending can be sad. Mood The main character of this book is John Wilkes Booth. He is a confederate man who doesn't want blacks to have the right to vote. He is a very well known actor and preforms in Washington, he also has a plan to assassinate president Lincoln, and has tried to capture him in the past. Other main characters are President Lincoln and David Harold. Lincoln is the president of the United States at the time and is only alive in the book for a short amount of time but the book is based around his death. David Harold is John’s accomplice and is by his side up until the final stand of the search for Booth. Main Characters I think the author wrote this book to inform readers of the assassination of Lincoln and how Booth thought and acted. The book is really informative and gave me a lot of information about booth that I didn’t know before I read the book. I think anyone interested in the civil war or President Lincoln should read this book. Author's Purpose Compare END I would rate this book a 9/10 because it was very interesting and even when It jumped around it was easy to follow. The book had a lot of detail in it and gave a lot of detail about the characters and the story. It was easy to understand and the a description and word choice is strong. I would recommend this book the middle school and up. Rate Chasing Lincoln's Killer By: Jimmy Weber Comparing this book to others I've read, it is a very interesting book but it is easy to read at the same time. It has a lot of information and it is easy to follow but it still has good word choice and voice. I think that this book is one of the best non-fiction books i have read. Other non-fiction books have a boring voice and a complicated word choice and some are even hard to follow. Theme The theme of this book is that you can't get away with murder. It shows that even though Booth had this plan to assassinate Lincoln he was still found and was punished for what he did. Even though the book is non-fiction this theme is still a big part of the story and the book.
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