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Residence Halls at UC Berkeley - Foothill

*Watch in full screen*

Luise Valentin

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Residence Halls at UC Berkeley - Foothill

"I think that the best part of Foothill is that I get to stay in a smaller dorm where everyone knows each other very well" - Silje, Freshman, Class of 2017
Residence Halls at UC Berkeley
Made by Luise - Student Blogger at UC Berkeley
It is separated from the other units as it is on the other side of campus, so in that sense it is a bit like Clark Kerr. (Silje, freshman)
"I like Foothill’s location relative to classes and that it’s a quiet place to go back to study"
- Alex, freshman, Class of 2017
"There are a lot of places to eat just down the street, we are also right next to the Greek Theatre, and close to the Engineering building, which comes in handy for all the engineering students, and we are also very close to the Big C as well as many libraries such as Memorial Glade and the Asian Studies library. Northside Café is also a big plus"
- Silje, freshman, Class of 2017
"The fact that there are just a certain number of people in our suite made us very close to each other. Our suite and rooms have become very personal" - Melanie, freshman, Class of 2017
"We get a common room and large bathroom to share so there is always more than enough space for everyone to do what they want at all times without interrupting each other - despite it being a smaller suite" - Silje, freshman, Class of 2017
The dining commons is really good and never gets too crowded and always has a good selection of food. (Silje, freshman)
"Life at Foothill is very serene, and that is something essential for me" - Melanie, freshman, Class of 2017
"Life is good. A good balance of socialness and quietness" - Alex, freshman, class of 2017
"I did not realize that Foothill, Stern and Bowles are as close as they are so you meet many people from those dorms when eating and during the events. It is pretty much like one big dorm all of the three" - Silje, freshman, Class of 2017
"We all go to dinner together usually. We also attend the Bowles serenade pretty much every Thursday" - Silje, freshman, Class of 2017
"People watch TV in the lounge or play an instrument or use the ping-pong tables there too. Some people go to the gym or simply hang out playing games in the common rooms. People do a lot of different stuff!" - Melanie, freshman, Class of 2017
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