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Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia of the Upper Limb

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mahmoud abdul wehab

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia of the Upper Limb

- Cervical epidural anesthesia (CEA) provides safe and reliable anesthesia for carotid artery and hand surgery.
- Great emphasis has been recently given to posterior brachial plexus block in controlling postoperative pain
- SGB seems to be an effective approach for patients with CRPS-I
- Intravenous regional analgesia is considered to be a safe and effective way in management of CRPS-I Introduction LOCAL ANESTHETICS PHARMACOLOGY Results ANATOMY 1. Lidocaine
2. Bupivacaine Adjuvants to local anesthetic 1. Opioids
2. Clonidine PATIENTS AND METHODS Classification of the groups The 80 patients were randomly divided into 4 groups according to the drug administered and the type of anesthetic or analgesic technique given to the patient Drugs used Equipments and materials used Techniques Technique of cervical epidural anesthesia Technique of interscaline brachial plexus block (posterior approach)

Technique of Stellate ganglion block Technique of regional intravenous analgesia A. Assessment of the block
B- Assessment in the postoperative period by VAS first two groups the second two groups SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION Cervical epidural and interscalene posterior approach were safe and effective anesthetic technique for upper extremity surgeries IVRB is preferable to the SGB for management of CRPS-I due to its easier execution and lower risk of undesirable side effects. THANK YOU Onset, Sensory level and Motor Assessment MABP The heart rate Oxygen Saturation Stress response Pain relief (VAS) MABP Heart Rate (HR) Oxygen Saturation Pain relief (VAS)
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