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No description

Tayler Firth

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of HR

-Negative publicity on a good or service could drastically swing the Market.- - Social Media is Here to Stay Important part of survival in the business world
Adapt or face the consequences Businesses like Social Media Brand promotion
Brand recognition
Build interest
Interactive for current and potential customers
Engaging employees Social Media Well Done Wendy's Twitter Game Show Interactive with customers
Host of 140 character game show
Gained 30,000 followers in a month with just one promoted tweet Company, Employee, and Customer Privacy Companies
Need to protect themselves from Social Media
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Media Releases/Waivers
Seminars/Training Employees
Use common sense and discretion
Read and understand before you sign
- Expectations
- Consequences Customers
Any information given to a company by a client/customer is 100% private
Cannot be released or used with out consent

Outlined in
PIPEDA (Federal)
The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Provincial) http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-fired-2011-5?op=1

http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-205_162-678554.html Why Employers Don't Like Social Media Older generations don't see the need for it

Individual employees can easily impact the entire brand
Difficult to control and monitor what is being said about the brand Social Media Mess Ups Set up a Social Media Policy Guidelines - Write an introduction
- Targets
- Incentives
- Engagement
- Formalities Example of a Social Media Policy Expectations for Associates' Personal Behavior in Social Media 1. Adhere to the code of business conduct and other applicable policies
2. You are responsible for your own actions
3. Be a "scout" for compliments and criticism
4. Let the subject matter experts respond to negative posts
5. Be consious when mixing your business and personal life Building a Privacy Plan for
Your Business Advice to HR Professionals and Managers 1. Be aware of the risks of social media 2. Inform Employees training programs
workshops 3. Be prepared - set up policy
- build a privacy plan Sweet Leaf Iced Tea Blog Showcases employees in a friendly casual way Engaging employees by
making them the face of the
brand Keeping things informal fun and relatable Consent
Unintrusive Public Company Employee Market Internship.com Connects internship seekers with company's offering internships
Used Charlie Sheen's star power to gain brand recognition Tweet got 95,333
clicks within one hour Whose Business is it When
You Blog or Tweet? Loss of Job/ Income Embarrassment for Self and Family Impact on future career The Future of a Company is greatly affected by its reputation. Even if an Employee is fired, the negative thoughts and feeling towards the company can linger. Negative publicity on goods and services could drastically swing the market.
People are easily influenced by media. the technological divide How Public Is
Your Info? Who is affected by a blog or tweet about a company?
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