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Hall County Teen Maze 2014

No description

Elizabeth Fielden

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Hall County Teen Maze 2014

Hall County Teen Maze 2014
Emergency Room Scene
Crash Scene
Party Scene
"Life is an A-mazing Journey: You Hold the Key"
Loud Music, Party Lights, and Drug & Alcohol Paraphernalia

Group will remain here
for about 5 minutes and then will be directed to the
Crash Scene
Group enters the Emergency Room Scene and observes nurses and a doctor attempting to save a crash victim's life

Narrator reports details as the story unfolds

The crash victim does not survive
Police, Fire Department, EMTs arrive on scene
Injured/deceased students are removed from vehicle
Distressed parent cries over the loss of her child
Narrator reports details as the story unfolds

Teen Maze
Hot Date Path
Child Support Services
STD Wheel
STD Treatment
Underage Drinking
Evaluation Survey
Hot Date #1
Hot Date #2
Underage Drinking
Abstinence & Peer Pressure
Teens will learn about:
the types and sources of peer pressure
ways to say no to peer pressure
Relationship pyramid game
Teen will either give in to peer pressure or go to S
econd Date
Drug Store
Teens will receive a script that tells which method of birth control they use
Information related to the chosen birth control method will be provided
The teen will then pick another script to find out if birth control method was effective
They will read this script at the
Sexual Experience Station
Sexual Experience
Teen will read their script to learn about the consequences of their birth control method
They will either go to S
econd Date
STD Wheel
, or
Pregnancy Clinic
Pregnancy Clinic
Mental Hospital
Teen will learn about the STD that they have
Treatment options discussed
Teen will learn that untreated Syphilis attacks the central nervous system and brain
Early treatment could have prevented this
1st Trimester
Teen will learn about 1st trimester fetal development, nutrition, and the impact of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine during pregnancy
Scripts include choices regarding substance abuse, relationships, and adoption
2nd Trimester
Teen will learn about 2nd trimester fetal development
Scripts include outcomes regarding social situations, relationships, and school challenges
3rd Trimester
Teen will learn about 3rd trimester fetal development and childbirth
Scripts include outcomes regarding birth defects, emergency C-section, and death
Teen will learn about open, closed, and relative adoptions - script will determine which type
Teen will sign the consent for adoption and voluntary severance of parental rights
Teen will learn about the amount of assistance they qualify for and information regarding assistance
Child abuse and neglect will also be discussed with the teen
Teen will learn about the average cost of delivery, proper handling of a baby, and difficulties associated with infants
Teen will receive their baby, dress their baby, learn how to use a car seat, and see all the items a baby needs for 1 day.
Teen will learn about:
the importance of paternity and legitimacy
any obligations to support the child and/or the support they are eligible to receive in order to provide for the needs of the child
The Georgia Fatherhood Program will also be discussed with teen
Teen will learn about the available childcare options and weekly rates
Teen will then leave the baby at child care to be used again in the nursery
Teen will learn of enforcement actions for failure to make child support payments.
Teen will learn how much money it costs to raise a child
Teen will also receive information about opening a checking and/or savings account and typical loan requirements
Fatal Vision Goggles
Teens will experience how alcohol impairs their vision, balance, reaction time, and judgement by performing various tasks while wearing the goggles
Teen will learn about different types of recovery programs
Detention Center
Teen will put on a jumpsuit, be fingerprinted, and then photographed
Teen will then be placed in jail with other classmates that are serving their sentences
Juvenile Court
Teen will find out what type of sentence they will face and receive information about DUI laws.
Teen will fill out eulogy and attend their own funeral or the funeral of a crash victim
The "prize" at the end of the maze is graduation
Teen will receive a Teen Maze 2014 diploma and have their picture taken in their cap and gown
Teens will complete a survey at the end of their maze journey.
An evaluation survey is administered by all Family Connection collaboratives who host a Teen Maze event and will be utilized to determine the long term effectiveness of Teen Maze
Volunteers will also complete a survey regarding their experience with Teen Maze

"Made me realize how fast things like that can happen"
"Showed me how horrible and gross the effects of sex can be"
"It would be scary if I got a girl pregnant"
"I don't want to be the girl with the baby and a disease"
"I'm never having sex! I couldn't imagine what would happen getting prego at this age"
"I see how dangerous drinking alcohol can be"
Teen Maze...
Elizabeth E. Fielden, Coordinator
Hall County Family Connection Network
(w) 770-534-1080 x212
(c) 770-630-7237
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