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The Giver: Plot Map

No description

Gabrele Zaragosa

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of The Giver: Plot Map

The Giver: Plot Map Author: Lois Lowry The Giver By: Gabrele Zaragosa ***3rd Period*** Exposition- Jonas- The next Receiver to be, he is intelligent, has integrity, courage, and have the ability of "Seeing Beyond".
It was when in the beginning, that Jonas just became a 12.
When he was assigned to become the Receiver of Memory, the Chief Elder told him that Jonas will soon experience some kind of pain that he never felt before. But have shown all the qualities that takes to be the new Receiver. Giver- The Receiver of Memory, he's a honest person, full of wisdom, and loving, caring person. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasures of life. As the Receiver of Memory, Giver lives a life of being alone and apart from all the others. There are more characters in the story, but not much to talk about since their not really the main characters, there's Gabriel, Lily, Father, Mother, Asher, and Fiona. In the world of Jonas, he lives in a Community of where it's a perfect place, where people have important roles. It's like a Utopian world or Heaven. In this Community, there's no fear or pain. Conflict- Jonas was select a the Receiver of Memory. Rising Action- 1. First memory of snow 2. Jonas start to "See Beyond", the color red 3. He experiences pain when breaking his leg when in the memory of sledding 4. Jonas felt love in the memory of Christmas and grandparents. 5. Giver showed to video of Jonas' father releasing the small of the two twins. 6. Father said that Gabriel will be released. 7. Jonas makes a plan. Climax- Jonas and Gabriel escapes the Community. Falling Action- Planes search for them, and Jonas used the memory of snow so the planes won't find their warmth. Resolution- It's really uncertain of the ending of The Giver. But they seemed that they arrived to Elsewhere, where it's cold, snowing, and he hears singing. It's as if they were waiting for them, Jonas thought. Favorite Quote: Theme Of The Novel- I think the theme of the novel is that not everyone is the same. Even if you force them, everyone has their own unique personality. People don't always want the same thing as the next person. So it would be that people should be able to make their own choices most of the time. And finally there are different things that people can or can't do for themselves. " The small child went and sat on the lap of the old woman, and she rocked him and rubbed her cheek against his." Characters- Jonas, Giver, Gabriel, Lily, Father, Mother, Fiona, Asher Setting- Utopia ; Eden Conflict Community Jonas was selected as Receiver of Memory. 1.) 1st Memory: Snow 2.) Starts "Seeing Beyond", red 3.) Brakes leg in memory 4.) Christmas memory- Love 5.) Dad released (killed) one of the twins. 6.) Father says Gabriel will be released. 7.) Jonas makes a plan. Jonas and Gabriel escapes the Community. Planes search for them, and Jonas used the memory of snow so the planes won't find their warmth. Jonas And Gabe arrives to Elsewhere. The End.....
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