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The History of Jasmine

This is the history of Jasmine. This Prezi will show her history from the 21st of July 2001 (her birth date) to the current time (the 19th of July 2012). This Prezi will show Jasmine's history with photos and their descriptions!

Jasmine Alexander

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of The History of Jasmine

In 2001 Jasmine was born in Randwick Hospital at 1:53 AM. 5 years before 2001 in, 1996 Jasmine's mother, Nunik, and Father, Simon had just moved to Sydney together. Simon and Nunik then bought a house in East Balmain, at the address of 25 The Avenue, where Jasmine then lived. These next 2 photos are of Jasmine before she was at the age of 1.
In 2002 Jasmine had turned 1. And by this time in Jasmine's life she had learnt to crawl, also in 2002, Simon, Jasmine's father had worked in the investment industry (and still does). The next 2 photos of Jasmine are of her at the beach with her family.
In 2003 Jasmine turned 2. When Jasmine was at this age,
her mother worked with a friend at an Indonesian spa and
was the marketing manager. In 2003 Jasmine still had the
address of 25 the avenue, and still lived in East Balmain
.One of the next two photos of her will show Jasmine at
her birthday party. The other photo will show her at her
brothers birthday party.
Here in 2011 Jasmine is 10. In 2011 Jasmine and her family went on a big trip to Indonesia, where she got to meet all her cousins, Aunties, and Uncles. And her Grandma. The photos of 2011 will show Jasmine in Indonesia.
This Timeline will show you the life and history of Jasmine from the date of her birth (21/07/2001) to the current year (2012). This Timeline will contain pictures to show you her history!
Welcome to the life and history of
Jasmine Alexander
This next photo will show you Jasmine in Randwick
hospital with her Brother, Elmore, Mother, Nunik, and Father, Simon
And the previous photo was of Jasmine at home with her
family friends, Johann, and
In 2009 Jasmine turned 8, and it was the year of 2009 that Jasmine started dancing lessons at Brent street with her friends, Hannah A, Hannah G, Carys and Olivia. Jasmine did these lessons for a few years and really liked taking them, because at the end of the year she got to perform in front of a live audience. In the year of 2009 she performed at Star City. The following photo will show Jasmine and Hannah.
In 2004 Jasmine was 2 turning 3. And when she turned 3 she began preschool, where she made lots of friends and fitted in quite well. The name of her preschool was called Montisori. This next photo will demonstrate Jasmine while she was learning at preschool with her brother, Elmore, who went to the same preschool.
In 2005 Jasmine was still learning in preschool, and still REALLY enjoyed it. so these next 2 photos will also show Jasmine at preschool.
In 2007 Jasmine turned 6. 2007 was a big year for Jasmine, because it was her her first year at primary school, which meant she got to go to school her brother, Elmore, who at the time was in year 2. The school was Nicholson Street Public School. The following photo will show Jasmine and her K/1 class, and then the photo after that will show Jasmine on the front of a magazine when it was around the time of Halloween
In 2006 Jasmine turned 5. But sadly in 2006 it was Jasmine's last year in preschool. But on the bright side she will get to start "Big School" In these next photos you will see Jasmine at preschool with her friends!
In 2008 Jasmine would have turned 7. Another thing that happened in 2008 was that Jasmine's mother, Nunik, had started in the catering business, and she soon learnt that she really enjoyed it. The next photo will demonstrate Jasmine in her school picture.
In 2010 Jasmine turned 9, she still had the same address. Also her mum started to run cafe in 2010, and Jasmine loved to visit it! This next photo will show Jasmine and her brother at their school, Nicholson Street Public School, to have their photo taken.
That last photo was of Jasmine. In the
photo Jasmine was overjoyed because
minutes before, she had just finished the
most exciting and closest crawling
race with her brother, Elmore.
In the next photo you will see Jasmine
gripping on tight to her brothers hat
while she has a more serious face on
than the last picture. She probably feels
like she is going to fall off any second.
The Previous photo was of Jasmine when she was at Elmore's 4th Birthday party. In the photo Jasmine had chocolate cake smeared all over her nose and mouth.
And that was Jasmine at
her 2nd birthday party.Who
seemed very pleased with
her cake!
The Next photo will show Jasmine
In her first class picture at Nicholson
Street Public School.
That photo was of Jasmine and Hannah, only hours before their live performance!
That photo was of
Jasmine in 2008, in
her class photo.
And that photo
was of Jasmine
on the cover of
the lifestyle magazine
around the time
of Halloween!
That picture was of Jasmine walking into a VERY small plane in Indonesia.
And that picture
was of Jasmine
in Green Canyon
in Java, Indonesia
In 2012, the current year, Jasmine has JUST turned eleven it has been a very exciting adventure for Jasmine so far. She is in year 5, her mother works in catering, her father works in the Investment Industry, and her brother has moved off to High School.
And that was the Life and History of Jasmine Alexander
That picture was of Jasmine celebrating her 4th birthday. In Jasmine's preschool on the students birthdays they would walk around on a circular piece of tape while holding a globe.
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