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Should Canada East join confederation?

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Isa .

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Should Canada East join confederation?

How will it jeopardize our social environment Some of the French people in Canada East might not want
to be united with the English.
There could be possibilities of riot or protesting.
If Americans wanted to move to Canada they would have a harder
process because the US boarder would be stopping them. Why shouldn't Canada East join confederation? How will it jeopardize our economic environment Confederation may have property and law changes to farmland
and farmers and property owners may lose their property's. This would make the farmers and property owners mad, since they wouldn't have land. This action may make the farmers and property owners decide to move somewhere new, that place could be the United States.

How will joining confederation jeopardize our colony's social,political and economic environment? How joining confederation will benefit our colony How will it strengthen our economy? * The leaders of Quebec, our colony believed that if we had a closer connection with the other colonies our economy could grow stronger. Canada East & Confederation * The anglophone's (English) domination of Ottawa makes our colony insecure about joining an English speaking confederation.
* Canada East has the minority language,French. If they make the choice of joining a confederated Canada the English or Canada West might wipe out their culture.
* If Canada East(Quebec) joined this new idea of confederation then they might have to pay more for the train to deliver the goods then the taxes from the US! * The US goods have a high tax put on them, if confederated Canada built a railway across Canada then Canada East would then have to pay less taxes because the goods are being transported with in the country. How will joining confederation strengthen our colony? Canada East was threatened that if they didn't join confederation that they would be swallowed up by the United States! Political Situation The French-speaking and English-speaking colonies had different ideas of how things should run. This was bad because it put them in a political deadlock. The two halves thought that if the two colonies joined together it might solve their political problems! This lead to confederation! The Railway The pins stand for the cities that the railway visited. ( The railway wasn't built yet this is a later picture after confederation, but this concept still helped complete confederation.) Population Population of Canada East: 1,112,000
Most of the population was from Montreal and Quebec The main players in Confederation in Canada East Sir George Étienne Cartier Jean-Charles Chapais The highest position in the House of Commons Canada East will have ocean access which means more goods from the ocean and Britain. Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt One of the most influential politicians of his time. One of the most influential politicians of his generation. Sir Hector-Louis Langevin An attorney Thomas D'Arcy McGee A journalist and poet as well as a politician. Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché A physician and politician Culture The culture of Canada East is French A Prezi by Isa S. The Big Question Should Canada East join a Confederated Canada? If Canada were to get in a war with lets say, the United States of America the colonies would be joined together and be able to work as a team not just in separate colonies. We chose to join confederation because we thought that it was a way to expand our economy (trade) and give us more defense from the United States. Canada West's culture is English There have been some fights between them over here In North America If we united as a country This might happen again " Instead of 5 unimportant colonies... we would be one great nation."
- George Brown Canada East chose to join confederation in the year 1867. WAR Representation by Population: Canada East and Canada West had the same amount of seats in the government. Canada East had the higher population. Canada East thought that it wasn't fair that Canada West had
the same number of seats that Canada East had even though they had a lower population. Bibliography http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/confederation/023001-3010.43-e.html


http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080116180347AAxpacD Geography How will it jeopardize our political environment? The government might makes some decisions that the other
politicians might not agree with, this might cause tension in the
political world. Thanks for watching!!!!!!
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