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native american literature

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chasity terry

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of native american literature

Native American literature
when christorper columbus reached Na in 1492 the continent was populated by several hundred of native tribes.
Europeans did not encounter these tribes all at one time.
Native Ameericans differed greatly from one another in Language gov. and customs
No one knows how the Natives arrived.
It may been as recently as 1200 years age or as long as 70,000 years .
They Instructed the new comers in their agriculture and woodcraft and introduced them to maize, beans, squash, maple sugar, snowshoes, toboggans.
If it haven't been for the native European would live through the hush winter.
4 Original nations
the to 1750
in cultures without a written language oral tradition captures the groups ideals
literature mirrors the culture that produces it.
Culture details references objects, animals, and practices.
example: the role nature plays in the natives life and who is responsible for the start of earth.
origin myths
: how life began pass down from generation to the next that explains customs, institutions, religious rites natural landmarks, events beyond peoples control
stories, songs, and poems

Native American spirituality is nature-based, as the culture has always had a close bond with the earth. The various rituals associated with each tribe are based upon the area in which they live. Great Plains Indians worship sky and sun, while farming Native Americans worship the corn god or animals they depend upon for food, clothing and general survival.
socioeconomic and political climate
Native American creation stories do not provide a viewpoint of humans having dominion over the earth. Tribal children instead are taught that they live in cooperation with plants and animals, and there must be a high level of mutual respect for anything to be done. A lack of reverence for the earth can lead to dire consequences, such as drought or famine
I have killed the deer.
I have crushed the grasshopper.
And the plants he feeds upon.
I have taken fish from the water.
And birds from the sky.
In my life I have needed death
So that my life can be.
When I die I must give life
To what has nourished me.
The earth receives my body
And gives it to the plants
And to the caterpillars
To the birds
And to the coyotes
Each in its own turn so that
The circle of life is never broken
I thank Creator for the ways of creation.
For eyes to see the beauty of creation.
For ears to hear the sounds of creation.
For the heart to understand the ways of Creator
For hands to touch
For words to teach little ones the ways of Creator
I pray for love for all our relations.
wounded knee
major events
Christoper Columbus in 1492 reached north america
1492 - 1700's european disease kill over 1/2 of the natives
pequot king Philips war: indians were driven off the east coast
holocaust 1876 - 1883: the u.s. army attacked indian camps during winter
wounded knee massacre: climax of 400 years of violence toward the natives
dawes act: natives become citizens but have to adopt "the white mans ways"
The Trail of Tears
~By Brian Childers
I look to the log road behind
My heart is heavy with my people’s sorrow
Tears of grief I weep – for all that we have lost
As we march ever farther from the land of our birth
On the Trail of Tears
Mile after mile and day after day
Our people are fewer with each rising sun
Disease and starvation they take their terrible toll
And though we suffer still we march on…
On the Trail of Tears
I watch my beloved weaken and fall
Upon the road like so many before…
With tears in my eyes I hold my wife to my breast
And in my arms she breathes her last…
On the Trail of Tears
Mile after mile and day after day
We march to a land promised us for all time
But I know that I can no longer go on
I know that is a land that I shall never see…
On the Trail of Tears
As my body – it falls to embrace the earth
My spirit – it soars to greet the sky
With my dying breath am I finally set free
To begin the very long journey towards home
On the Trail of Tears
King Phillip's War
circle of
Europeans come to America
Hey, hey, watenay
Hey, hey, watenay
Hey, hey, watenay

English lyrics:
Sleep, sleep, little one
Sleep, sleep, little one
Sleep, sleep, little one
Now go to sleep, now go to sleep.
Hey, Hey, Watenay
Traditional, Native American (Ojibwa Lullaby)
important people
king Phillip:
young Wampanoag king who gather
tribal alliances to push europeans out of new england

chief's daughter famous for saving the life of
Jamestown leader john smith

Christopher Columbus:
in 1492 he sailed the ocean blue
looking for India but came across north America

formal president Andrew Jackson:
known as the best Indian killer also enforce the Indian removal act
when europeans come to America the native where
welcoming the newcomers as friends but the europeans greedy with the need for land and they see the natives as things that get in their way
president Andrew Jackson
Chasity Terry

Lisa Jackson

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