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Event Design -Exhibition W11

No description

Svetlana Chebysheva

on 26 February 2018

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Transcript of Event Design -Exhibition W11

Assignment for pairs or small groups of 4
Think of one event you have recently visited and answer the following questions:

- Was it a real authentic event according to you? Why?

- Discuss with your neighbor what he/she has written down.

- Which experiential elements do you recognise?

Assignment for pairs or small groups of 4
Come up with the names of three event concepts which according to you are very fake, and not touching the harts of visitors at all!
Give your opinion about 3 of the the following events in order of authentic feeling:

- Wimbledon tennis tournament
- Olympic games
- Sensation dance event
- World of Warcraft offline game events
- Da Vinci Code touristic tour in Paris
- A wine tasting tour in Tuscany, the Chianti region in Italy
- An afterparty after a dance festival
- London Fashion Week

Which elements of experiences could you add to this event in order to give it more authentic look and feel? Make use of storytelling, theming, new trends, co-creation or interaction with the public.
“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into world today.”

Robert McAfee

Week 9

Assignment for pairs or small groups of 4
Early on- people started using objects and the environment around them as tools in satisfying their instinctual impulse to expose, enlighten, celebrate, revere, sell and interpret aspects of their experience.
Key words
Instinctual impulse to expose...

Interpret the aspects of their experience.......
Experience design focuses on the experience of the audience over time not just in the exhibition it self.

Engage during your presentation as well! Get the viewers involved!
Be authentic! Co-creation

Message that you want to convey to the audience but make it a story by giving it narrative thread with a clear beginning, middle and end.
A narrator is needed to drive the story forward. The narrator can be created using any number of mediums such as: text, graphics or technology.
The path is what gives the story its structure, transforming the narrative into a three- dimensional space, which brings the story to life.
How viewer approach and engage with the presentaiton
Telling a story correctly
By use of space, technology, displays and materials effectively in service of that story.
Design development
Start with specific materials, colors, special equipment, and graphics that will further define the presentation character and will enhance its interpretive power.

Consider lighting and acoustics.

Budget-“value engineering”

No Budget-design simplification.

Selecting materials for presentation is like selecting materials for house only with more extremes at the low and high price ranges.

It can be constructed just to few pounds out of simple cheap materials+ creative mind☺

Creativity exercise:

In groups, come up with 10 random words.

Write them down on two different papers.

Keep one and swop another list with another group.

Try to make connections between different words, 10 of your own and 10 from other group.

Create event or activities for event
based on random connections
you have made.

And now try to make connections including these words!

2. Chicken
5. Turtle
6. Feeling
7. Emotion
8. Music

Presentation timing?

All good?
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