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BIO 111, F LAB

andrea bates

on 13 November 2012

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Negative Alyssa, Andrea, Elizabeth, Justin Function Traits of
Topoisomerase Structure Protein
Isomerase Enzyme
Assists with DNA
Found in all cells
Variety of types Topoisomerase I Beta Beta pleated sheets Topoisomerase II Alpha Alpha helix DNA Replication Replication fork Topoisomerase I Relieve one strand Topoisomerase II Topoisomerase process it plays a role in:
topological(stretching and bending) problems
cutting up the DNA Cell types where protein
is found:
in all cells
different subclasses work in different cells Member of a protein family:
anything that slices genes Characteristics * Cancer treatment
* Gene splicing
* Antibacterial Medical Applications Metals Chromosome segregation Transcription Neural Development Varieties of Topoisomerse DNA types 68% Identical N terminal C terminal Active site Supercoils Positive Relieves both strands
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