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Greek Architecture

No description

gs students

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Greek Architecture

Greek architecture is very important. They invented the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders. (columns)
The Doric, Ionic, and the Corinthian order.
the Doric order is a simple/plain column order built from stone they have plain capitals.Ionic order is the same but fancier and it had a scrolled base.
Corinathian order is Ionic but capitals a more decorative and the bases are decorated with leaves and floral patterns.
The post-and-lintel system is made up of columns, that are large upright posts, with a structure, or architrave, over the top.
Architecture and what it means.
Why it was important.
This type of architecture began with the Greeks, but has persisted throughout the ages to live on today
Greek Architecture
The greek Parthonon
"the art or science of designing and building structures..."
- Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
Greek Architecture is a very amazing thing it was used on the White House and in President Gorge Washington's grave.
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