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Melissa Depestre

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Modeling

Melissa Depestre Types Of Modeling How to become the best of the best Male Modeling Hair and Make-Up Everyone wants to be the best at something. In modeling becoming the best is hard as it is. So here are some people that came really far in modeling. Hair and make-up is one of the best things of being a model. It's like getting a makeover everyday for a few hours. When your getting ready for the runway or a photo shoot, it's your relaxation time, an time to think about what your about to do. The End !! Modeling My Thoughts Modeling is one of the most enjoyable, creative and adventuress careers out there. Although it may seem like a fun activity, modeling over the years, has become a competitive career. It takes lots of practice and courage to be one of the best of the best. One has to listen to the client, no matter what they tell one to do. One can lose their career if they do not consider what their client is telling them. There are many types of modelings. Lots of people think it's just walking down a runway and having lots of photo shoots. The types of modeling are : History of Modeling This was the birth of modeling. These years were called the "Society Girls & Hollywood Glamour" meaning what the people want to see the models do. Also you can see all the characteristics in the models faces.The biggest model in that time was Lisa Fonssagrives. 1900-1930s 1960-1970s Hollwood Glamour went on till 1957. They also had another trend of American Beauty & Hyper-Stylized Fashion. Some of these models were Lisa Fonssagrives, Dayle Haddon, and Dorian Leigh. These years is when modeling became very big. Agencies were being opened everywhere. This type of modeling took place during World War II. The Awakening & Disco Revolution was during the 1960s-70s. This was when alot more sexuality was shown in modeling. Iman, Christie Brinkley, Pat Cleveland, Twiggy, Dayle Haddon, and Cheryl Tiegs where popular at this time. 1940-1950s The Rise & Fall of the Supermodel was the name of this time of modeling. This period was all about everyone becoming a supermodel. Some of the best was Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Shalom Harlow, Carol Alt, Paulina Porizkova and Linda Evangelista. 1980-1990s Beauty Incorporated is what modeling is now. They are taking the history of modeling and making it the present. Some models are Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Erin Wasson, Jessica White, Carol Alt, Dayle Haddon 2000s The timeline of modeling

At Modelina.com :
http://www.modelinia.com/models/timeline#/grid/1930 Fashion Modeling FASHION EDITORIAL MODELING -

Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmo, etc. - these and many other magazines today that focus on fashion have lots of editorial pages they must fill each month. Many of these editorial pages feature models wearing what the magazine thinks will be the next trend in fashion. Editorial work does not pay as well as other types of high fashion modeling but it is great for building a model's reputation and getting tear sheets for one's portfolio. FASHION RUNWAY MODELING -

Clothing designers traditionally show their new collections twice a year (Fall and Spring) to perspective (store) buyers. Designers present these collections to a gathering of buyers by sending models down a walkway or runway. How well a model brings the clothes to life and shows important features of the garments can determine how well they sell. So it is worth it to a designer to have the most ideal models show these collections. These young models tend to be very tall, slender and move very well in clothes. FASHION CATALOG MODELING -

There are a lot of clothing catalogs produced. These catalogs, whether business-to-business, store, or direct marketing, require models to pose in the clothes they are trying to sell. Generally, catalog models are picked for a project because they represent the ideal of the market segment for which that catalog is targeted. Often times this is the classic beauty - tall, slender, healthy, and beautiful. The marketing idea is for transference, i.e. if you buy these clothes you will look as nice as the person pictured in the catalog. Catalog modeling usually pays well because of the volume of photos that must be taken. FASHION PRINT MODELING -

This is fashion and beauty for print advertising. It can be display ads or collateral print materials. This is the most demanding work to get but pays the best because of usage and exclusives (this is where models make millions). These are the ads that can make or break a designer's reputation. With these ads it is very important that the concept, photo, and model work perfectly to convey the 'image' that is wanted. FASHION SHOW ROOM MODELING -

Modeling for buyers in the designer's show room. This is lower pay but very regular work, it could even be a full time job. Only happens where there are designer show rooms. FASHION LINGERIE MODELING -

Because this type of modeling may be more revealing it requires very good body tone and proportions. FURTHER DIVISIONS -

These categories can have further sub-categories for size - petite and plus, and for age - children, preteen, and mature. Petite size models usually are 5'2" to 5'6". Plus size is the same height as standard size models but size 14 -16. Main stream models usually start in around 14 years of age and go to their early twenties. Obviously pre-teen is before this age and mature is everything after it. FASHION TEAROOM MODELING -

This once was very popular (the '80s) in smaller markets. Usually it would be at ladies' luncheons where models would wander between tables wearing designer clothes from local fashion boutiques. The models would describe the outfit they wore and where to buy it. FASHION FIT MODELING -

Fit models have the perfect proportions for a given clothing size. Garment manufactures and designers hire fit models to use to piece together new creations, see how they move, and develop their patterns. The key for a fit model is to never gain or loose an inch. FASHION BATHING SUIT MODELING -

This type of modeling requires a great body tone and healthy look. They usually hire athletes for the job. FASHION FITNESS MODELING -

As health and fitness has moved more into the public consciousness a greater demand has grown in this type of modeling. Of course being in the city with the corporate headquarters for Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear makes it very noticeable here. Where once everyone exercised in baggy gray sweats, fitness attire continues to evolve and become more everyday wear. Add to this all of the fitness, health, and outdoor lifestyle magazines that are on the newsstands and you have a fast growing category for modeling. Body Part Modeling Body part modeling is a special category that belongs in both fashion and commercial modeling. This is the use of just part of the body in a photograph. Often standard models that look great in full-length shots or head shots don't look so good close up. Their hands or feet may look horrible. This is where the body parts model comes in. We will set up a shoot using the standard model's face but the body part model's hands and it looks like it is just one person. Usually body part models will specialize in just one part of the body like hands, feet, legs, ears, or neck. Commercial Modeling Commercial modeling is sort of the catch all for everything that isn't fashion and isn't glamour. It is vast and diverse. The physical requirements can vary greatly. The 'look' can be mom, business executive, scientist, glamorous beauty, etc. The pay can be good but not to the level of the top fashion model and commercial models tend to find work less often. But it can be an area on can work part time at their whole life. Again, the purpose is to sell something - a product, service, or idea. TRADE SHOW MODELING -

Once again attractive people are attention getters. When a trade show comes to town some exhibitors may hire models to hand out literature at their booths. One of the classics examples of this is the auto show. Again, it gives some income when you are starting out and gets you in front of the public. COMMERCIAL LIFESTYLE MODELING -

Models are used in photos showing a period of life or doing something in life. The photo might be an older couple walking on the beach and the photo is used in the advertising materials for a new retirement resort. Or a photo of a young couple playing in a park with their children and the photo is used in an ad for a life insurance company. The models are used to act out some concept or idea of life. The physical requirements, age, size, etc. can vary greatly. But most often they use the "beautiful people" in these photos rather then real folks off the street. PRODUCT DEMO -

In smaller markets this seems to be a favorite area to start models. Models stand in front of, or in a store or mall, and hand out free samples of something. The idea is they want someone attractive that people will be drawn to and will work for just a few hours or a few days. When you are young and starting out this pays better then any regular job and it can really build your confidence around people. COMMERCIAL CORPORATE MODELING -

Corporate modeling is like Lifestyle but it always has a business theme. Again physical requirements can vary greatly, but usually attractive people are used - although sometimes character models are used. COMMERCIAL PRODUCT MODELING -

This is when a photo to sell a product and the model is used to show how the product is used. Also, model may be used to convey an image about a product. An example would be a model dressed like a doctor holding a blood pressure device. This gives an image of medical authority being behind the product. This pretty much shows that you can't sell a product without a model. SPORTS/ATHLETICALLY PROFICIENT/FITNESS -

This is kind of lumping a lot together but this has been a growing area in modeling. With sport attire companies like Nike and the increase number of personal sports, fitness and outdoor magazines the need for models that look like they actually know what they are doing has grown. The idea is to look good and actual be proficient at the activity being photographed. HOBBY MODELING -

This is modeling for the fun of it, to help out a cause or a place to get started. Some folks may never make a living at modeling but enjoy being in front of the camera or being on the runway. It also ties in with organization that might put on a fashion show as a fundraiser. There have also been cases where some one may start modeling just for fun and this may some day lead to a career. ALTERNATIVE MODELING -

This term has been coined for the whole gothic/punk modeling. This is a very specialize niche WARM BODY MODELING -

This is my own term (unflattering as it is) . This is where you just need someone to put in a photo. When doing an outdoor tourist bureau type photos you often find you need someone hiking a trail or standing at an overlook, this is where you need a warm body to help animate the photo. This type of modeling does not pay much and may even be done on spec, but if you like doing outdoors or tourist activities it is a chance to make a dollar while having fun. This type of modeling can be open to all ages and sizes. Dorian Leigh Dovima Sunny Harnett Lisa Fonssagrives Suzy Parker Jean Shrimpton Twiggy Veruschka Marisa Berenson Lauren Hutton Jerry Hall Patti Hansen Iman Cheryl Tiegs Paulina Porizkova Cindy Crawford Tatjana Patitz Stephanie Seymour Linda Evangelista Christy Turlington Naomi Campbell Nadja Auermann Shalom Harlow Amber Valletta Kate Moss Stella Tennant Gisele Bündchen Natalia Vodianova Daria Werbowy Lily Donaldson Tyra Banks Adriana Lima Heidi Klum Alessandra Ambrosio Karolina Kurkova Claudia Schiffer Laetitia Casta Eva Herzigova Carolyn Murphy Bridget Hall Carmen Kass Kathy Ireland Milla Jovovich People think that only females can model. They are wrong, men can model too. Male models model for certain reasons. They model for underwear, cologne, clothes, sports, and etc. Hair and make-up is also very hectic and loud. People are back there getting everything ready for the runway and shoot. Hair and make-up calls for a lot of organization, or everything goes crazy. Tips : How to walk the runway Coco Rocha Well as you can see modeling isn't as easy as it seems and has some good and bad. But its all up to you if you want to make it fun. Agencies There are lots of modeling agencies around the world. But to start your career, you have to start small. So to do that just google one around your neighborhood and sign up.

References http://www.modelinia.com/blog/#.Ua_x1tLVCuI





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