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Works Progress Association


Susan Boyle

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Works Progress Association

Much like Russia and the Sochi Olympics, they were not known for spending a lot of money.
Harry Hopkins
Residential Pimp, aka big D Harry
What Prezi Assignment
(Works Progress Administration)

Probably made more sturdy bridges than this.
There probably weren't chickens back then, cause depression.
It doesn't take an architect to see that this building is just off.
Much like the wind, ol' Harry hop to Jenkins was never actually heard from or seen: a conundrum.
Built the WPA into the largest employer in the U.S.
As you can see shakeweights were popular then.
Planet F**ck Bitches
Sandra Bullock
Apollo 13
Ellen Woodward
Women of the WPA
"Unemployment and unhappiness are synonymous. Our programs aim to end both."
"Never talk to the cops I don't speak pig Latin."
The WPA was perhaps the most progressive and successful organization of the New Deal era providing public projects of buildings, bridges, and roads, and giving jobs to millions of unemployed men and yes, women, in its prime.
Here is a graph.
After Harry asked Ellen to be his assistant administrator, she was perhaps the most socially and economically educated as well as influential woman besides Eleanor Roosevelt during the New Deal era.
Answer: Young Money
(You buy stuff with it)
Well Hello There Travelers!
The original amount that the government gave the WPA to spend on projects was decided as $4.9 billion in 1935, but it ended up at$13.4 billion
It doesn't take an architect to figure out that this building isn't structurally sound.
Harry Pottery Barn
Fat Albert
Other Projects
Harry also funded projects that were more artistic, like art, so he payed painters to paint, drawers to draw, and muralers to mural, as well as cartooners to cartoon like Fat Albert.
Will Ferrell Williams
Works Cited
1) Wikipedia
2) Wikipedia
3) More Wikipedia
Turn Up
Relief to African Americanos
Provided direct assistance and work relief
GoAl 0f WpA wAs t0 Employ a signIFICANT amount of unEMployed pEOPLE.
Funded projects that enriched cultural life
EmPLoyed a maXimum of 3.3 miLLioN pe0Pl3. (Thats a lot of f***ing heads bro)
Short Term Effects
Job creation, improvement of roads and bridges, and buildings such as schools and hospitals
Basically employed the people who needed it most until economy recovered
People were hired right away, by 1936 3.4 million employees were working under various programs
Helped boost Roosevelt's popularity in the 1936 election
Worked on over 1.4 million projects costing $11 billion
Interesting Facts about the WPA
The Critics
Program was accused as being a waste and attacked the WPA when employment dipped in 1937
Considered a waste of money critics said workers just "rake leaves in the park"
Built/Repaired 651,087 miles of roads, 124,031 bridges, 125,110 public buildings, 8,192 parks, and 853 landing fields
Program started in 1935 under the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act and terminated in 1943
The share of Federal Relief Administration (FERA) and WPA benefits for African Americans exceeded their proportion of general population.
By 1935 there were 3,500,000 blacks on relief about 35%
Followed by the Hatch Act which outlawed political activities on government time
It was successful for a lot of reasons, but the main reason was because shat happened at the right time in the right place..........
Why it was successful
Whatcha you know about the WPA Christian? nah
Hi My names Michael dissaPointer. I am the most sarcastic, rude and narcissistic, human being. My weekly reading notes are hella f***ing easy.. like, its so easy that roughly 30% of the class pass! The other 70% are just stupid and basically i just troll them for the rest of the year. pay no attention to my receding hairline and pay attention in class, because if you do, you may one day become a history teacher too!
Don't get butthurt- Bang Bang (No disrespect)
It' all fun and games
Ay yo Michael:
You Mr. Pointer
Cute or Neigh?
Don't cry over spilled milk!
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