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Cry Freedom

No description

Yaroslav Vdovin

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Cry Freedom

John Briley was born in 1925 in Kalamazoo Michigan USA. He is famous for writing several screenplays including Gandhi and Children of the Damned. In 1987 he wrote a screenplay for Cry Freedom, a film on which book is based on. Factually, film`s script was partly taken from two Donald Woods` books which he wrote, called Biko and Asking for Trouble: An autobiography of banned journalist. Also he worked on film "Cry Freedom" as a co-producer.
Here are some useful links
As you see, this book embraces a huge amount of aspects of an extremely essential problem which name is racism. Author expresses them in one story which shows us how horrible racism is. If you are interested in this topic, then this book fits you perfectly and would catch your attention for a very long time.
By: Yaroslav Vdovin

"Cry Freedom"
Donald Woods
Donald Woods is an editor of the Daily Dispatch, newspaper in East London which shows lives of South African societies. One time he meets Steven Biko and his life twists in an unexpectable way. He had to sacrifice everything that he gained in Africa to help Biko and spread his word all over the world.
Steven Biko
Steven Biko is a leader of Black Consciousness, an organisation which target is to provide Africa with an environment where both black and white people can live and work together without making any harm to each other. His life was very hard an tough but due to his idea it seemed to him like a God`s present.

Main Characters
Racism. This is one of the most urgent problems of mankind since opening Africa and discovering people whose skin is as black as anthracite and mat. White people felt like gods among Africans and did every disgustful thing they could imagine. Killing blacks. Robbing blacks. Enslaving blacks. Threatening, beating extincting. But, blacks are same people as we and they arisen against white`s injustice. That is what "Cry Freedom" about. About people who fight without fear of death and thinking only about freedom and justice for everyone in this precious world. This book shows us courage, pride and usual love in an unusual way.
Reading this book is a great chance to feel the fire of freedom fighting, understand targets of every side and see people's worst qualities and horrible fears. You`ll be able to see people's lives who were involved in this horrible contradiction which destroys them and their souls like a meat grinder, realize how some can stay alive physically and mentally.
While we read "Cry Freedom" we become completely filled with emotions of black people whose target is peaceful life in a country where white's and black's live together, where they can be neighbours, brothers and sisters, friends. Unfortunately, there`s a ghost chance of all of this. But suddenly, appears Steve Biko whose faith is to become a leader of all of black`s, unite them and lead to so desirable freedom. Another protagonist is a director of local newspaper-Donald Woods whose role in freedom fighting can not be underestimated. These two men, who seem to be absolutely different unite in aspiring their common target. They will have to experience a huge range of emotions from pain to happiness which probably affects their characters, makes them stronger mentally.
A fragment from film
Here you can see a fragment from film on which this book is based on.
If you want to watch it use some links which will be in References section.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Briley Information about an author
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cry_Freedom. Information about the film
https://elt.oup.com/catalogue/items/global/graded_readers/oxford_bookworms_library/stage_6/9780194792561?cc=global&selLanguage=en&mode=hub. Website where I bought 'Cry Freedom'.
http://twomovies.us/watch_movie/Cry_Freedom Watch film online.
http://www.download-midi.com/midi_2892_hans-zimmer-lisa-gerrard-now-we-are-free-from-the-film-gladiator-v2.html Download soundtrack.
Furthermore, person who is not interested in it would find this book fascinating, too. Partly, because of astonishing twists of the plot. Partly, because of protagonists which may be interesting due to their mystical characters where we can find so marvelous feelings like love, care, pride and desiring for Freedom.
Last but not least, this book is great for people who`re interested in history as it shows various societies which appeared in Africa in 70`s. Maybe, if you're interested in Africa`s history and development of organisations which target was to destroy racism you`ll extract much useful information.
Reasons to read 'Cry Freedom'
It goes without saying that every book has a particular impact on one`s mind, and this impact depends on mental state of a person and one`s character. Now I`d like to express my feelings, thoughts and affect of this book on myself. At first I was thinking that this book will tell about different political organisations, political events and obviously two fighting sides-black and white people.

When I read this book to a very end I realized that I made a horrible mistake. John Briley's "Cry Freedom" doesn`t separate black and white people, he emphasises that there are no differences between people with white and black skin. Both white and black societes have wonderful people who are filled with most beautiful feelings and disgusting and greedy monsters whose only aim is to make money. I was personally impressed with song which was sung on Biko`s funereal. I think, it was a real cry for freedom, it left breathtaking emotions and thoughts which haven't left my soul, yet. Who knows, maybe I became kinder and more tolerant thanks to this book.
I consider, that everyone who is doubt about black or maybe white people should read 'Cry Freedom". It will plant seeds of kindness love and care in hearts of everyone. I realized that it doesn`t matter what skin or hair you have, only heart and soul are essential.
My opinion
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