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Generation of the Fishing Reel

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Logan Cooper

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Generation of the Fishing Reel

The First Actual Reel
The British had claimed to invent the first multiplying fishing reel. But in 1820, a Kentuckian named George Snyder invented the first fishing reel in America. His reels were much more popular in America than the reels that the British claimed to make.
Back before reels were used to cast line, they were used to hold line. But in 1651, English literature first reported a “wind” installed within two feet of the lower end of the rod. Even though this isn't exactly a reel, it was the first reference known to man as one.
One of the First Reels
Some of George Snyder's reels:
In this presentation, i will be going through the evolution of the fishing reel. I have decided to do the fishing reel because i like to fish and i thought it would be a cool thing to learn about.
Spin Cast Reels
Spin cast reels were developed by the Johnson Reel Company in the early 1950's. The line on spin cast reels is thrown from a spool, and can therefore be used for throwing light lures and bait. The spin cast reel is fitted with a nose cone that encloses and protects the fishing line and spool. Pressing a button on the rear of the fishing reel releases the line pickup and allowing the line to fly off of the spool. Then when turning the handle, the pickup pin immediately re-engages the line and re-spools it onto the reel.

Generation of the Fishing Reel
By: Logan Cooper

Johnson Spin Cast Reel
Nowadays, there are reels like the one seen below. It is an electric reel that that is priced around $966.48! This reel was made by Daiwa and there are many others like it.
Reels Today
Daiwa Tanacom
Bull 1000 fe

Evolution of Reels
You can see that the fishing reel has come a long way. From using a piece of string on a spool, to having a reel that can basically reel in the fish for you. Thanks to all of those great inventors, we are able to go have fun and catch some really big fish.
Some REALLY big fish caught
(just for fun)
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