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AT&T San Francisco AutoMobile Case Study

Cutting costs - how did AT&T San Francisco cut drive test costs by 74%?

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Transcript of AT&T San Francisco AutoMobile Case Study

Cutting Drive Test Costs by 74%
The Objective
AT&T SF needed to reduce drive testing expenditure. Their goal was a
The Metricell Solution: AutoMobile
120 million subscribers
Deployment and Results
Annual consolidated revenues $130+ billion
Spectrum licenses in all 50 states
AT&T SF serves the county of San Francisco. With a population of 850,000 covering 600 square km this OPCO must monitor & maintain over 30,000 3G/4G cells
San Francisco
Strongest and most reliable LTE network in USA
This would mean reducing the drive test team down from 5 3 as well as placing budgetary restrictions on team 3
Drive testing incurs direct overheads such as: team expenses, car fuel, equipment licensing costs & technical man power
Reducing the number of cars by nearly a half would lead to vast sections of San Francisco going untested for long periods
Testing would only be limited to core optimisation, planning and fault finding activities
An autonomous, "plug & play" test unit designed to continuously monitor QoS across a country's road & rail network
Cost-effective, large scale performance benchmarking
Plug & Play deployment with no specialist training
Data throughout the year, in near real-time
Remote management of test scripts for full flexibility and scenario investigation

Aimed at:
Network Quality Teams
Drive Test Engineers
RAN Performance
Network Planning
Benchmarking Teams
15 AutoMobiles deployed in 15 taxis across San Francisco
Traditional drive testing was re-focused on optimisation activities
Costs were all significantly reduced, for example fuel, "man power" and expenses
Data utilised by a range of Business Units, who benefited from automated daily network performance and QoS insights
More than 30k kilometres of road network tested
Over 500,000 Signal Readings on 2G/3G/4G/4G+
14k Calls and 60k Speed, Video and Browsing Tests
100+ network configuration and coverage not-spots found
AutoMobile Replay
New drive test spend = 26% of initial spending therefore a
74% reduction

An improved network, with over 100 issues identified automatically by AutoMobile reporting
"At AT&T Northern California, we had the opportunity to use Metricell "Self Drive" test Units, and quickly all Opti engineering are becoming dependent to them. These Units are “Plug and Play” which makes the drive test set up a non-issue. The stability and robustness of these units is also a big plus and furthermore, the availability of the data on the Cloud instantly has sped up the Optimization process and saved us from hiring a traditional Drive test team and post processing downtime which is a big cost saving.
This system is breakthrough in the RF drive testing field.”

Naim Heddaji, RAN Engineering
Would you like to know more?
Call: +44 1403 251 494
Email: sales@metricell.com
Visit: www.metricell.com
An additional module was added to the AT&T project called AutoMobile Replay. It gives users the ability to play back or "replay" any data collected by one of the units.

This AutoMobile unit is displaying Over-Shooting Sites on the Golden Gate Bridge.
In Summary
Was the main objective met?
AT&T San Francisco were able to exceed expectations (by 30%) and are estimated to save in excess of $500k.
Was Challenge 1 (Reducing Drive Test Teams) Addressed?
80% of drive testing resource/budget was reallocated to other BUs/Areas
Was Challenge 2 (Reduced Data and Higher Collection Frequency) Addressed?
A greater amount of data was collected covering the entire county
Was Challenge 3 (Department Knowledge Share) Addressed?
AutoMobile data is accessible via a single, shared Livetime Portal
24/7/365 Network Health Check
Targeted Network Optimisation Processes
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