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The Center for Global Supply Chain Management

No description

Nick Vyas

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of The Center for Global Supply Chain Management

The Center for Global Supply Chain Management
August, 2012
USC Marshall establishes the Center for Global Supply Chain Management.
November, 2012
The Center brings its first company on to the board.
June, 2013
The Center for Global Supply Chain Management successfully recruits its first cohort of 40 students for the M.S. in GSCM, out of a pool of over 100 applicants.
August, 2013
The Kickoff Event for the first Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management cohort is a huge success.
October, 2013
The Center collaborates with DHL Global Forwarding to host the 1st Annual Global Supply Chain Summit at the USC Radisson Hotel. Over 200 industry professionals were in attendance, representing dozens of companies and organizations.
January, 2014
The first M.S. in GSCM cohort travels to Singapore for their international experiential learning module.
March, 2014
The Center for GSCM hosts its Spring 2014 board meeting to discuss the future initiatives and growth of the Center.
Where we left off last year.....
Our Mission Statement
The driving point of the Center. Three distinctive choices that caters to different needs of students:

MS.GSCM Program
Certification Program
Custom Programs
Advanced Research
The Center for GSCM achieves the
Advanced Research
objective by offering organizations the opportunity work with our distinguished faculty and student body on white papers, industry reports, and consulting projects.

The USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management aims to connect the world through Global Supply Chain Excellence with
ducation, and
esearch (
Port of LA/LB Project
Lean Six Projects
Certification Courses
Taco Bell International Project
Annual Summit
First Graduation
MS.GSCM Program
Online or On-Campus

The Center hosts several events throughout the year, across different continents to connect groups of like-minded businesspeople and students.
Networking Night
CBP/SEI Trade 2020 Project
Are we satisfied?
New Member Recognition
Absolutely not! Here's what we have lined up for the future.

* China Roundtable

* Annual Summit

* International Job Fairs

*Grow Ambassador Network from 3 countries to 15 countries

*How do we prepare students for evolving supply chain?

-Internship Program
-Company Specific Information Sessions

*Growing Certification/Custom Programs
Advanced Research
* Company-sponsored projects

* Other research opportunities led by faculty members, students, and industry partners
In closing....

Widney House in 1903, USC's first building.
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