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Case Study Presentation

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Lindsey Goldaper

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Case Study Presentation

The Crisis REBUILD SUCCESS After the Challenges Italian dairy company established in 1957 Granarolo's model of reputation development An Italian case study on Reputation
and Stakeholder Engagement by Stefania Romenti Purpose influencing of public opinion's perceptions towards the shaping of organizational reality by engaging stakeholder reputation drivers" (Romenti). reputation when it moves beyond the "Corporate communication reaches
its full potential in building corporate Faced a crisis of trust in the 1990's due to poor management decisions and drastic reorganization and restructuring of the production process. From its origins, Granarolo's management has always been dedicated to their community and cultivating relationships among local communities. Company faced near bankruptcy in the late 1990's, closed down plants, suffered increase competition and had to dismiss numerous workers. Plans to re-launch the company by recouping trust and primarily consent and credibility among key stakeholders. Vision and Leadership: Establishing corporate values and reviving of company's identity. Quality of products and corporate sustainability: "Workshops" Innovation: "Groups of Change" Financial Performance Internal Climate Evaluation Process: Sustainability Report and annual evaluations. The reputation development model adopted by Granarolo focuses on the systematic engagement of stakeholders. The co-decisional processes involving stakeholders, the building of partnerships, and the stimulation of supportive behaviour helped them overcome a severe trust crisis. Systematic engagement=solid reputation CONCLUSION Presented by: Lindsey Goldaper & Jaclyn Francis
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