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Zachary Rousseau On: How to Use a Microwave

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Steven Fraser

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Zachary Rousseau On: How to Use a Microwave

Make sure is placed near an outlet. Microwave plugs tend to be short. Also make sure your microwave is actually plugged in or else it will not work. Put plastic wrap over foods with sauces. It will prevent the sauce from getting all over your microwave.
Items Needed:
Step 1:
First you will need to open your microwave. The way to do so will depend on your microwave brand and model. There are two general ways to open a microwave. Either by pulling a handle on the microwave's door (right) or by pushing a button on the bottom of the side panel of the microwave (left).
Step 3:
Use the buttons on the right side of the to set desired cook time of your food. If you are making popcorn, reheating a potato, a drink, pizza, or if you have frozen food you will you the specific button for that food. Not all microwaves have these options but most of them are found on your standard microwave.
Step 4:
Once you have input desired time hit the start button. The cooking process will begin and the timer on the analog will begin to tick down. When the time is up your microwave will make a beeping sound.
Step 2:
Place your desired food on a nonflammable plate or dish. Then put this food inside your microwave onto the glass turntable in the center of the microwave.
Zachary Rousseau On:
How to Use a Microwave

Do not put plastic or tin foil inside your microwave!

They will (melt and) cause a fire! Do not let microwave plug touch water! It is very hazardous and can cause electric shock
1. A microwave
2. Glass plate or bowl
3. Desired food
If your microwave is not working contact manufacturing company or the store you bought the microwave from.

The microwave above is an example of a microwave that is opened with a button.
This microwave shows the handle method of opening.
The turntable is the glass plate in the center.
Food is in non flammable dish being placed onto the microwave's turntable.
Step 5:
Open your microwave, take out your cooked food, and enjoy!
The food above is done and ready to eat!
In this image there is food being microwaved. There is 1 minute and 38 seconds left as indicated by the timer.
To the left is an image of a standard microwave operating system. Not all microwaves have the same options and some have more.
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