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Internship Presentation

a small presentation show my internship journey in AADC

Sara Al Muhairi

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Internship Presentation

Internship journey .Name: Sara Hamad Al Muhairi
Al Ain Distribution company intern
ID: 200812437
Academic Supervisor: Mr. Kari Tikkala Al Ain Distribution Company Aims to help interns to experience what is really like working in a company. Table of Content About AADC General Introduction About AADC:
AADC over view
Goals and objective of the internship
work place plan
work assignments:
Tasks and duties
Challenges faced/solution found
Skills and knowledge acquired
My Project
Conclusion over view: Goals and objectives of
the internship: All studies done at the university has prepared the intern to make professional contribution to achieve the given tasks. Workplace Plan: Supply Department Purchase
Section Contract
Section Stores
Section Buyers
unit Coordinators
unit from 7/10/12
to 15/11/12 from 17/11/12
to 29/11/12 from 4/12/12
to 17/1/13 Work Assignments Duties & Activities preparing bidder list
sending quotations
entering prices to the system
attend technical and commercial envelop opening Prepare PO
Send PO collection to the suppliers
Prepare and send Confirmation of Delivery
Received inspection of materials
Received MRR Red Executive council of the emirates of Abu Dhabi; memorandum
Prepare the weekly reports for the contract section
Attend tenders.
Prepare list of 250 companies contain the exact trade name for each company in both language English and Arabic
Make bid bond Buyers Unit Coordinators
unit contract
section In General:
Send faxes
Answer calls
Entering data
Make copies
Red old files Challenges lack of computers Free Time No Phone Answer Contract weekly reports delays No Maximo account Communication
Skills Teamwork
Skills Skills and
Acquired Analytical Skills Organizational Skills Confidence Problem Solving Skills Creativity Computer Skills Filed Project

Project description.
Method , approach used.
Outcomes , results of the project . Recommendations. Thank
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