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How Society Sees Mental Illness

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Natalie Bruder

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of How Society Sees Mental Illness

Fact: Individuals with mental illness are about as dangerous as the general public. However crimes committed by mentally ill people often receive more publicity through media coverage.
Myth: Mentally ill people are weak and just need to get over it.
Fact: Mental Disorders are caused by biochemical imbalances in the brain and can happen to anyone. It has nothing to do with strength.
Myth: Mental disorders are defects and because of this are shameful.
Fact: Everyone shares a capacity for mental disorders and/or abnormal behavior.
Myth: Mentally ill people are unpredictable and dangerous.
Reality of Metal Illness:
Mental illness cannot be seen just by looking at someone, 1/5 Canadians are affected by mental disorders.
Perception of Mental Illness:
Factual Viewpoint:
Fully recovery us very possible in many cases of mental disorders. In addition most behaviour of the mentally ill is often impossible to distinguish from that of 'normal' people.
Societal View:
Individuals with mental illness will never fully recover from their abnormal behaviours and should be approached with cation because of this.

How Society Sees Mental Illness
Mental Illness
It's all goth and emo kids who wear all black and have weird hair.
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