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Darren Criss

My prezi for drama class

Jenna Renee

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Darren Criss

I LOVE YOU Darren Criss<3 Darren Criss has one older brother (Chuck Criss) Family Life He was born/grew up in San Fansico, and he graduated at the University of Michigan in 2009. Darren Criss is 25 years old... His birthday is Febuary 5th 1987. Acting info and Age The first thing Darren ever acted in was "I Adora You" he played Josh. The way I found out about Darren Criss is by "Glee" and he played Blaine Anderson. Darren has acted in 15 different movies/shows:
Imogene - Lee
The Chicago 8 - Yippee
Glee - Blaine Anderson
The Cleveland Show - Hunter (voice)
Last Friday Night - Aaron Christopherson
Dead or Alive Dimensions -video game- Jann Lee (voice: English version)
Acher - Mikey/Tommy
Like of Leopold - Leopold Bonar
A Very Potter Musical - Harry Potter
A Verry Potter Sequel - Harry Potter
A Very Potter Senior Year - Harry Potter
Cold Case - Reuben Harris '69
Eastwick - Josh Burton (5 episodes)
Little White Lie - Toby Phillips (episodes 1, 3, 5)
Walker Phillips - Elliot
I Adora You - Josh Movies and Shows Darren's Accomplishments and Awards Darren Criss's favortie movie/show he has ever been in is... Favorite Project (movies/shows) + Projects(: Darren Criss's most recent project is Imogene and Darren played Lee. Darren Criss's next project is A Very Potter Senior Year and he plays Harry Potter Darren has never had a flop because first hes a young actor and hasent done a million things but also because he a really good actor and the movies/shows he performs in they are good movie/shows. Flops Some on Darren Criss's performances Darren Everett Criss!!!<3 As a kids Darren learned how to play many different instrements and he enjoys playing them. Extra Intrest(: Other Interesting Facts(: Darren Criss has had many of accomplishments one of them was Darren performing on Broadway!!!(: My favorite show/movie my Darren Criss is Glee because i love his character Blaine Anderson who is a "out of the closet" gay and at first he went to a all boy private school then Kurt goes to that school and Blaine and Kurt start dating then Kurt goes back to McKinley and then Blaine does too<3 Klaine<3 Darren Criss is really hot(: Darren Criss has covered over 100 songs! He can speak Italian, and bits and pieces of other languages He’s half Filipino, half Irish In high school he was voted, “Most Likely to Win a Grammy”. With how things are going for him now, who knows, that may just come true Sadly i couldn't find the rest of the information on Darren Criss... The End My Favorite<3 Projects 2(: Darren Criss's best projects is/was how to succeed in business without really trying because he performed that musical on Broadway<3
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