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Massimo Dutti

No description

begum budur

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti Begüm Budur
Müjde Metin
Begüm Ersen
Hatice Dogan PRODUCT PRICING RECOMMENDATIONS Marketing Strategy WHY WOULD YOU PREFER -Massimo Dutti is the one that cares its customers most in Inditex Group
-It was found in 1985 and acquired by Inditex Group in 1991
-At first, its product range was only limited to menswear but today we see a different Massimo Dutti with women, men and children lines
-Their collections are always urban, cosmopolitan, independent and educated -The very first concept was about elegant menswear-High quality fitting and tailoring come from the history of brand
-Personal tailoring in high street retailers
-Cat-walk team
-Collections are renewed more than usual-Pieces that produced with high quality such as cashmere, silk,wool and pure cotton
-Clever mix of garmentsG-olf, riding, sailing and anything else related with sophisticated activities -Customer oriented
-No advertisements
-Targets a more upscale market
-Loyalty in consuming
-Speciliazed fashion stylings for
each customer -Less pricing for very qualified materials and a much better tailoring-Price / quality ratio is quite fair-Daily special sales -One of the most preferred brands by customers in sale period of a year -Providing shopping online in Turkey
-‘Made to Order’ implementations that create your product by your taste
-Collaborations with popular designer
-Declining the manufacture of imitatitors -Makes its customers feel confident
-Has a specialized styling service for each customer
-Offers highly qualified products at affordable prices CUSTOMER
DECORATION PRODUCT SWOT -Store management and customer care service
-Diversified product range
-Top qualified materials
-Unique creative consept
-Overconfident mentality
-Loyalty in customer range
-Price, value, quality -Glorified tailoring in high street stores personal tailors-Trained store managers about trends by MD product manager-Effective visual merchandising -Much less well-known
-District target market
-Design difficulties
-Lack of high street advertisement and e-commerce -No designer collaborations
-More experienced luxury brand competitors
-Huge numbers of imitator Qualitative – Quantitative Goals -Having more loyal customers
-Training the sales assistant about trends and aimed to reach more customer
-In long term ; increasing the brand recognition.

-Rising in the number of Massimo Dutti stores in turkey and also store staff volume Aged between 25-50 People who have interest in life on both the personal and professional level -Elegant but also want to feel cosy
-Fashionable but never be victims of trends Demographics Geographics Psychographic Behavioural -Cosmopolite, Urban, Elegant and
aware of the quality
-Middle and upper income level Types of Collections MENSWEARSmart, Sportive, Cosmopolite, Classy And Cultured WOMENSWEARUrban, Cosmopolitan, Independent And Educated CHİLDWEARCasual And Comfortable between
the ages of 12-16 PLACEMENT -Speciality distribution
-Stores are situated in prime city locations
- A significant Italian figure
-Aesthethic decors like a designer brand; wooden floors, individual rooms or areas for each collection, elegant tables with shelves and soft lighting
-Designer spaces created for customer comfort PROMOTION -Oriented with Word of mouth strategy-No advertisements-Customers are behaved like models. Fashion assistants at stores combine clothes on them-Prefers being attractive due to elegant customers who are carrying Massimo Dutti’s shopping bags Massimo Dutti seems to just present high quality designs at first glance for a possible consumer, but it deeply embraces the responsibility for providing the high life EXPERİENCES to its loyal customers.
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