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My Photo Essay

English Assignment: 7TY | Ms. Palmeri *ilovethesunthatwasalie

Minha Faheem

on 17 March 2018

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Transcript of My Photo Essay


1. Early Mornings
2. Out of tune Whistles
3. Bad WiFi Signals
4. Noisy Eaters
5. Disorganization
6. Awkward Silences
7. "One-uppers"
8. Working Under Pressure/ Last Minute
9. Food on the Mouth/Face
10. Being rushed
11. Uncooperative People
12. Hair strands left on shower walls
13. Slow texters/typers
14. Spiders
15. The Sun
In my photo essay, I decided to talk about what I don't like. My theme is my pet peeves. In a way, my pet peeves and dislikes represent me as a person because it tells about how I may have things that find me joy, but I also have a balance of what does not. In this presentation, I will be telling you about 15 of my biggest pet peeves.
In this photo, a gun is being pointed at an alarm clock. This represents exactly how I feel when my alarm clock rings early in the morning, which makes me annoyed and angry. I chose this picture because it relates to what I personally feel about early mornings, and waking up early. I do not like it when my sleep is interrupted, since I have to force myself awake. Because of this, early mornings have become one of my biggest pet peeves.
This may sound like a typical "first world problem", but slow Wifi or bad signals are one of my greatest pet peeves. In this picture, there are two symbols; a Wifi symbol with a low bar; and a "loading" signal. I chose this particular photo because the two symbols relate to each other. A low bar of Wifi can mean that media, such as videos or websites, can load very slowly, causing the loading signal to appear constantly. This, for me, is very hard to bear with, since I always am using some form of technology and always need good connection to continue using media, such as Youtube, which is slow when I have a low bar of Wifi. Because of the long time loading takes, slow Wifi signals have become my pet peeve.
This is a very common pet peeve, which also happens to be mine. It is the sound of noisy eaters. This specific photo was chosen by me because the man on the right eating soup is making a sound that bothers me the most; the sound of slurping. When I hear this sound, along with any other noisy eating sound, I get annoyed or anxious, exactly how the man on the left is feeling. Study shows that every 3 in 5 people have an aversion to boisterous eating sounds, and every 2 in 6 people have a tendency to feel anxious or stressed when they hear them.
Because I am such a perfectionist, disorganization is the one thing that causes me the most anxiety and stress. In this picture, I chose this photo because in it, there is a huge, disorderly mess on the desk. This photo describes my biggest stress; when papers, sticky notes, pens, and other things are all over the place, causing disorganization. I always try my best to keep my things the opposite of what is going on in the photo above. Not only in my possessions do I need organization, but I also need it in my work. If I see that a detail is not neat, I have to fix it in order to be satisfied. Organization plays a very important role in my life. This is why disorganization is one of my worst pet peeves.
Out of tune whistles are one of my pet peeves because the noise of a fluttering, high pitched sound making flat, unmelodious sounds irritates me. When I hear this sound I immediately get annoyed because the loud, deflated noise doesn't make sense to me. I don't mind musical tootles, but out of tune whistles disturb me and make me irritated. I chose this photo because the broken note that is being whistled represents the terrible sound out-of-tune whistles make, which is why it is one of my pet peeves.
Whenever I converse or socialize with someone, I always appreciate it when people talk back and engage in a conversation I'm having with them. I chose this particular personality for my photo because Mr. Bean is a very awkward person. As much as I love his character, when I am talking to someone, I don't like straightforward responses; instead, I appreciate further conversation. Stiff people tend to disappoint me sometimes because when I try to converse with them, there is a lot of silence and hesitation, which makes me feel tense. This is why awkward silences is one of my pet peeves and something that I really don't like.
Because I can be so precise sometimes, working under pressure or last minute has not only become a struggle, but also a pet peeve. In this picture, there is a watch placed on top of a keyboard, representing that there as an amount of time left to do the task given. I chose this picture because since most of my assignments use a lot of time, I tend to take the given time for granted, which ends up with me working last minute and under pressure, which this picture represents exactly. I don't like working under pressure because it ends up giving me a lot of stress, especially because I expect everything to be neat and precise, which doesn't always come with last minute work.
Ever since my childhood, I have always had this pet peeve. When I see food on people's mouth or face, as shown in the photo above, I get highly irritated. I chose this photo because this is an exact representation of what I don't like to see while I'm eating. I never knew why exactly I always had this repugnance, but whenever I would see this, my mood would instantly turn miffed. This is one of my serious pet peeves that can make me react strongly and annoyed.
The one biggest fear I have is the fear of dirty bathrooms. Because of this fear, I have to wash all hair and dirt away from the shower walls before I can even step inside. In this photo, there are long hairs left on the tiles of a shower. I chose this photo because when I see something like this, I get seriously irked. I start feeling anxious and have to clean all the excesses away before I can calmly continue. Hair on shower walls are one of my biggest pet peeves.
Technology is one of the most used things I own. I started typing at a very early age, so this is why I can type and text fast now. In this photo, there is a conversation between two people; one who types slow and one who types fast. I chose this photo because when people take a long time to reply to messages, their habit annoys me, just like how the person with the blue text messages feels. This depicts my frustration with slow texters/typers, as they take a very long time to reply to messages, no matter how important they may be.
Just like a lot of other people do, I loathe spiders. Their little body and drawn-out, lingering arms could not be anymore creepier or disgusting. I chose this photo because it accurately epitomizes how I feel with spiders. It relates to how much anxiety, disgust, and fear I feel all at once when the little "creepy-crawlies" decide to show themselves out in front of me. Spiders are something that I don't see myself ever getting over or liking in my life; this is why they are one of my pet peeves.
Last but never the least, my biggest pet peeve is the sun.
In this photo, there is an umbrella covering someone from the sun. I chose this photo because every time I see that the sun is out, all I want to do is cover myself from it, just like this umbrella is doing.
Many people have asked me why I absolutely detest it, but there are many reasons; for starters, I hate the sun because of it's too-bright light. Of course, I like minimal sunshine, but when the sun decides to glare it's blinding light into my eyes and onto my skin, I could never be any more grumpier. I don't like the way the sun makes me feel hot and sweaty, especially on summer days. There are only two ways I don't mind the sun; when it is sunset, and when it shines with the rain, causing a rainbow in the sky. Other than that, the sun is always my pet peeve.
Another pet peeve of mine are One Uppers. One uppers are people who will tell you the exact same experience they had as you did, but with a much better (or worse) outcome. They are people who think that nobody does anything better than them. The photo I chose has one person and one One Upper. The person on the left has caught a fish, but the One Upper in this role has shown how he has caught an even bigger fish, just like a typical One upper would do. I chose this photo because this represents a One Upper very accurately and shows exactly what I don't like that One Uppers do. I get annoyed of One Uppers because they feel like they have to be better and show how they are better in any way, which is to me is amiss and inappropriate.
I take time and care to get things done, so the one thing I hate the most is being rushed. In this photo, there is a girl rushing to get work done, which is making her hands quiver and her mood stressed. I chose this photo because just like the girl in the photo, I don't like being pressured getting work done. I prefer taking my time and taking in everything I need to get finished. That is how I prevent stress and urgency, which also reflects on the quality of my work.
Pictures/Articles Cited
As much as I love working with people, the one thing I can't stand are uncooperative people. In this photo, there are 4 zebras running in the same direction, while one is running in the opposite direction. The one running in the opposite direction represents the uncooperative person; the one who doesn't agree with what everyone else agrees with. I chose this photo because it is very representative; while the entire group is agreeing with each other and on the same page, there is still that one person who disagrees and wants things their way, even though they are the only one. For a group to get along, there is a final decision being made with everyone's opinion, but if there is one person who does not want to go with anything, that person instantly becomes my pet peeve.
Early Mornings photo:
Out -of- tune whistle photo :
Slow Wifi Signals photo:
Noisy Eaters photo :
Disorganization photo:
Awkward Silences photo:
One-Uppers photo:
Working Under Pressure/Last minute photo:
Food on the Mouth/Face photo:
Being Rushed photo:
Uncooperative People photo:
Hair strands left on shower walls photo:
Slow texters/typers photo:
Spiders photo:
Sun photo:

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