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The second industrial Revolution ABC book

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Trevor Grissom

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The second industrial Revolution ABC book

By, Trevor Grissom Historical Alphabet Book A-Assembly Line B-Before the Second Industrial Revolution C-Cars D-Department Stores E-Edison, Thomas F- Free Education G- Great Entertainment H- Henry Ford I-Immigrants Pushes and Pulls J- John D. Rockefeller K-Knights of labor Vs. AFL L-Living in the Slums M-Metropolitan Transportation N-New Immigrants O-Oil P-People in the Coal Mine Q-Quality of the Work Place R-Railroads S-Sweatshops T-Transportation of the new immigrants U-Urbanization V-Vanderbilt Cornelius W-Wright Brothers X-Extraordinary Change Y-Yellow Journalism Z-Zones of emergence The assembly line was a very important invention during the second industrial revolution. Henry Ford was able to create the perfect assembly line that made it as efficient as possible to make products. Manufacturers were now able to hire unskilled laborers that made made the price of products much cheaper so it was available to everyone. There were many things that were different before the second industrial revolution it was very hard to do many things that we expect to be able to do. first off, the only way to communicate over long distances was by telegraph. If you wanted to do that you would have to go to a telegraph office and tell some one. another example was transportation, the only way to get some where far was by train and wagon. It was also very /m.. In the Early 1900’s cars started to become the most wanted thing for American citizens. When cars were first introduced to the U.S. on the wealthy were able to purchase them. But then Henry Ford made a giant change in the car industry he perfected a system that made it easier to build cars and it gave more people jobs so they could buy his cars. Cars have been able to make it so that people are able to go where they wanted with no time constraints. Department stores were great advantage for people living near the city. Before department stores people had to go to a different store for everything they needed but that would be changed forever. Department stores were multi level building that held everything from lamps to t-shirts and everything in between. This new concept was also great for the stores themselves, people would ended up buying items that they didn’t even expect to buy but they did because they saw it and liked it. Most could say that Thomas Edison was the greatest American inventor of its time. He revolutionized so much of the American life style that most thought couldn’t change. For example the light bulb, this made it so people no longer had to use fire to light up their house. Another great invention of his was the electrical plant, this made it so electricity could get to any store, hotel, or house so people could use the light bulb and other electrical inventions. By 1852 the first of many acts were passed that children must attend school until a certain age. The reason for this was for the industry and workforce, before this people were getting minimal education so they were not going to be a help in the future. To make education available to all many states began to offer it for free to a certain age. At school children would read textbooks, study, recite, and memorize lessons. With all of the advancement it was much easier to find something to do on a Sunday afternoon. One thing that many people attended was movies and plays in the theater where they could just sit back and watch. Another common leisure activity was baseball, this became a very popular activity throughout the 1900’s. Activities like these made people value any moment of free time that they had. Henry Ford was an American engineer that was able to make the car available to almost everyone. He was able to perfect a machine that could mass produce the car which made it cost a lot less. By 1917 more than 4.5 million Americans owned a automobile because of the low price. With a web of road that spread through the country cities began to move to countrysides. John D. Rockefeller was one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history. He discovered one of the most useful resources, oil. John was the king of oil he had all of the advantages and was able to run all other oil businesses out of business until it was only him in the area. In 1882 he then created the first oil trust to end all of the competition in the oil industry. The Knights of Labor and the AFL were to very different unions for workers. One thing that they both had in common was that they did a lot of collective bargaining for workers. The Knights of Labor allowed any kind of worker skilled or not to join and lead riots of labor disputes. On the other hand the AFL only allowed skilled workers to join and would use collective barging to get them the best pay and conditions Living in the slums was very hazardous, scary, and dangerous for many reasons. One threat was getting sick, the rooms were very crammed with up to 10 people in it and no real sanitation department. Another problem was light, there was no real light source so it was dark in the rooms for most of the day. In some slums only half of the babies born would die by the age of one. Living in the slums was very awful and crowded. Another great advancement during the second industrial revolution was transportation in the cities. People now were able to get to work easily even if they lived outside of the cities because of trains. Trains were being built above roads and also underground, these were also called subways. This made it so they weren’t as many people living in the cities which added to helping with rapid urbanization. There were many new types of immigrants that came into the nation. German to Chinese and everyone in between came to the U.S. Every ethnicity brought their own things that were special to them and their culture and shared them with everyone. There were many different town that each ethnicity lived in and set up shops of their own, some of these town sere called china town and little Italy. In 1859 the U.S. had its first oil strike in Pennsylvania. As they drilled into the ground a black liquid came out that would soon be used for tons of different reasons. People began to use it as a lubricant for automobiles, and gas to power engines. This liquid was so valuable that it got the name of “Black Gold.” Life in the coal mine was very difficult for many reasons. One of the main reasons was breathing, many people came down with lung disease because of the harsh things that they were breathing in. Another threat was explosions and fires, many people risked most of their life trying to avoid things like the massive explosions and occasional fires that would spark. For most people working in a factory of any sort was pretty awful. People working in these factories had much to complain about, conditions, hours, breaks and what they had to do. Many factory owners realized that what they were doing was wrong so they locked all of the doors of the factories so no workers could tell people. Most of the factories workers consisted of woman and children that were not able to go to school because they had to work. The railroad industry had boomed by the second industrial revolution. There were thousands of different companies that competed with each to get the most consumers. But, most of the time the smaller companies would consolidate with the bigger ones so there was less competition. Many of the new immigrants began building tracks all over the nation to expand the places the trains can go. For most people sweatshops were only for the poor people. Mainly woman and children worked in sweat shops for long hours, poor pay and harsh conditions. In sweatshops people do tasks like sew clothing and put together shoes. People ran the risk of diseases and fires, because of no restrictions and acts about the condition of the work place. Getting to the U.S. for many immigrants was a very hazardous task. All immigrants were thrown below the decks in steerage, where cattle were usually held. In the steerage people ran the high risk of disease and death because of how many people were in the small compartments and there was no place for air to get in and out. By now, for any city in the U.S. urbanization was a pretty big problem. Some of the reasons for rapid urbanization were new immigrants, city life, and jobs in the city. People were forced to come up with ways to control the urbanization quickly. One way that they did this was by introducing the suburbs, this made it so people lived right outside the city and could take a quick train to work . The Wright brothers were one of the most innovative engineers when it came to transportation. They created the, airplane. When they first showed this to the world no one thought it would work and that it was a joke. It wasn’t until the 1930 that planes became the new way of traveling long distance quickly. So as you can see there has been a ton of things that have changed during the second industrial revolution. Cities began to grow up and out, people could call someone and hear their voice, and people could drive a care where ever they wanted. With changes like these America was able to become an even better country that was even more organized, populated and advanced. As the people in America became more and more intelligent there was more of an interest in newspaper. So, to fulfill that interest news editors began to edit yellow journalism. This meant that they edited things that seemed very interesting and eye catching but they were actually false and made up. This made it so the sale of newspapers went up drastically. Cornelius Vanderbilt was an American industrialist and philanthropist who built his wealth in shipping and railroads. He built many very popular structures like the Grand Central Terminal that are well known even today. Vanderbilt was named one of the richest Americans because of the things he did in the railroad and steam boat industry. When cities first became a common place to call home people settled in the center. For a while cities were crowded with one to two story buildings that were very overcrowded. But then the city began to grow up and outward people either stayed in the city but this time in sky scrapers or they would move in to row houses, the suburbs or even mansions if you were rich enough. This helped keep the city less crowded but still have people close enough to get to work everyday There were a couple main reasons why immigrants came to the U.S. some of the pulls to coming to America were, jobs, land, and freedom of religion. Some of the things that pushed them away from their homeland were political unrest, Religious pogroms, and a failing economy. Examples like these are what made it very desirable for people to move to the U.S.
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