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History of Mount Everest

The history of the famous mountain known as Mount Everest.

Connor Dillon

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of History of Mount Everest

History of Mount Everest How did Mount Everest get its name? Mount Everest got its name from a man named George Everest. George was a British surveyor general who led an expidition to map the Himalayas. Before that, the mountain was known as Peak 15. After the expidition, the mountain was named Mount Everest in his name. What was the worst climbing incident on Mount Everest and what hapenned? The worst incident on Mount Everest was the 1996 incident. On May 10, 1996, a group of climbers tried to summit the mountain. They were late getting to the summit, and when nightfall came, they were stuck in a blizzard. Eight of the people in the group were killed. Why where there a few unsucessful attempt to climb Mount Everest? There were so many unsuccesful attempts because of the dangers and problems that there were.Some of the problems that there were are:Exaustion, Strong winds,lack of oxygen, etc. Strong Winds can cause damage to tents in a camp and the winds are very cold. There is a lack of oxygen up on Mount Everest. So it is important for all climbers to have bottled oxygen when they climb it. Not having the oxygen can cause things like altitude sickness. Exhaustion is a big problem on the mountain. Since it is a very long (and very hard) climb up it, that when climbers reach the top, they're exhausted and tired. So then its even harder to get back down the mountain. Here are just a couple of the climbers who died in the 1996 incident. Doug Hansen Andrew Harris Rob Hall Scott Fischer
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