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School nurse talk

No description

Timmy Lockwood

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of School nurse talk

STI's and adolescents
Let's Get Sex-wise
What is the trend for kids today?
What should School Nurses be looking out for?
Case study's
Safer sex education
What should School Nurses be looking out for?
Timmy Lockwood
The Basics
Young people are at higher risk of STIs:
Chlamydia was the most frequently reported notifiable condition in Australia in 2012 with 82 707 diagnoses. 3 out of 4 occurred in 15-29 year olds
Which STIs are most common?
Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV or Herpes)
Human papillomavirus (HPV)
What puts young people at risk?
Poor STI knowledge
More frequent partner change
Difficulty accessing services
Propensity to take risks
Chlamydia Rates
Chlamydia rates have
in the last decade
of diagnosed cases are in people aged between
15 - 29
National Survey of Australian Secondary Students, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health 2008
HIV knowledge relatively high

STI knowledge remains relatively poor, but much improved from 2002

young women demonstrated better knowledge generally in terms of STIs, HPV, cervical cancer and hepatitis compared with young men.
2008 Findings
Few students have been diagnosed with an STI (3%) or hepatitis (1%) (although many have an STI)
Less than 1 in 10 students believed they were at risk of infection with HIV/AIDS, an STI, hepatitis B or hepatitis C
Not using a condom during sex was only associated with increased perceived risk of infection with HIV/AIDS and STIs where a student’s sexual partner was someone they had met for the first time.
Most students (88%) had sought information regarding sexual health. Students most commonly sought information from:
Mother (56%)
Female friends (55%)
The school sexual health program (49%)
Pamphlets (44%)
Doctors (39%)
Assessing Risk
Risk is assessed by taking a sexual history.
Assure students that the answers are confidential and that the questions are just routine
a sexual history can include:
Have you had sexual actvivty?
Sex of partners
Age of partners
Partner numbers
Condom use
Drug and alcohol use
Signs and Symptoms
What is the most common symptom of an STI?
No symptoms
common STI symptoms:
Testie/abdo pain
Bleeding outside period time
Pain with sex
If you identify any risks, symptoms or are otherwise concerned refer to:
General practitioner
Case Studies
What do you think we should do?
Safer Sex Education
the only 100% safe sex is no sex
mutual masturbation and Oral sex carry lower risks
Condoms when used correctly offer a high level of protection from many STIs + pregnancy
testing should ideally be done before sex with a new partner
If unprotected sex occurs get a test 1 week later
Only have sex when you & your partner are ready
Drug use and sex increase the risk of getting an STI
What does testing involve?
Urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
No physical exam required
Blood test for HIV, Syphilis and hepatitis optional
Year 12
Year 10
17% increase from 2002
National survey run every 6 years
Key themes are knowledge, behavior and health
3,000 Year 10 & 12 Students
100 secondary schools
The legal age for consensual sex varies across Australian states and territories.

In the ACT, NSW, NT, Victoria and WA the age of consent is 16 years.

In Tasmania and SA the age of consent is 17 years.

In QLD the age of consent for anal sex is 18 years, while the age of consent for all other sexual behaviour is 16 years.

Do you have to report it to DOCS?
If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child under 16 is at risk of
significant harm
I went down on this guy at a party on the weekend and now I've got a sore throat. I really think i caught something! I worried what it could be........
I've never had sex but I noticed some bumps on my dick.
I was looking on the internet and I'm worried I got an STI......
1800 022 222
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
1800 188 171
Proportion of Australian born women diagnosed as having genital warts at first visit, by age group, 2004-11
Genital warts in young Australians five years into national human papillomavirus vaccination programme: national surveillance data
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