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Parental Ethics & Gamete Donation: Future Research

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Lindsey Porter

on 18 March 2017

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Transcript of Parental Ethics & Gamete Donation: Future Research

My Account
A Bifurcated Causal Account
What is Parenthood?
gestation is intimacy
continue the blood line
love is a choice
causation, bifurcation, 'makers' and 'parents'
Parental Ethics &
Gamete Donation

Future Research
Special Relationship
My labour belongs to me
flesh of my flesh...
Three Options
Biological, Voluntarist, Causal
eg Gheaus 2011,
Narveson 2002 (?)
(rights, not obligations)
eg Little 1999
first nurturer
Special Relationship
my body, my propoerty
eg Hall 1999
eg Page 1984
eg O'Neill 1979
eg Brake 2010,
Obligations & Responsibilities
Archard 2010
Bayne & Kolers 2003
Parents & Makers
Porter 2012
Parenthood is a moral role.
Role obligations attach to roles (they might be general).
Parenthood is distinct from progeny-production.
Parents & 'makers'
Maker obligation: to make the child content with her condition insofar as you are able. (Kant)
Maker obligation is non-detachable.
Package View?
Parity Principle?
(morally speaking)
Whatever grounds parental obligations also grounds parental rights and vice-versa.

theoretical and applied
Fleshing out Maker Obligation
Should makers stay in contact with their offspring?
Is intentional mere-makerhood immoral? (cf. Benatar 1999)
To what extent is an unwitting 'failed' maker blameworthy?
What does it mean to be content with your condition?
Who is a maker?
Donor obligations & gestation
Donor Obligations & Rights
Package view?
Children's access rights imply donor accessibility obligation
On a package view, accessibility obligation might imply donor access rights.
Should we accept donor AR? If not, what should we say about package views?
How substantive are accessibility obligations?
What work does gestation do?
parity principle?
Gestation seems to be both biological and interpersonal.
Does gestation make one more of a parent? Or more of a maker?
Is gestation an additional moral motivator on top of causation?
Does this mean that gestational mothers have greater rights/obligations than (merely) causal fathers?
Archard (2010) 'The obligations and responsibilities of parenthood' in Archard &Benatar's Procreation & Parenthood.
Bayne and Kolers (2003) 'Towards a pluralist account of parenthood', Bioethics 17,3: 221-242.
Brake (2010) 'Willing parents: a voluntarist account of parental role obligation', in Archard & Benatar as above.
Gheaus (2012) 'The right to parent one's biological baby', Journal of Political Philosophy 20,4: 432-455.
Hall (1999) 'The origin of parental rights', Public Affairs Quarterly 13: 73-82.
Little (1999) 'Abortion, intimacy, and the duty to gestate', Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 2: 295-312.
Narveson (2002) Respecting Persons in Theory and Practice (Lantham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield).
O'Neill (1979) 'Begetting, bearing, and rearing', in O'Neill & Ruddick's Having Children: Philosophical and Legal Reflections on Parenthood'.
Page (1984) 'Parental rights', Journal of Applied Philosophy 1: 187-203.
Porter (2012) 'Adoption is not abortion-lite', Journal of Applied Philosophy 29,1: 63-78.
Lindsey Porter

If not for my actions...
Thank you
Thomson 1971
Benatar (1999) 'The unbearable lightness of bringing into being, Journal of Applied Philosophy 16,2: 173-180.
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