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Restaurant Management System

System Analysis and Design

Joshua Nathan

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Restaurant Management System

For Customer Orders Restaurant Management system Objectives 1. Project Mission 2. Objectives Project Mission To simplify and make it easier for the manager, waiter, and also the cook to work in daily task. A System Analysis and Design Project By


NAVHIN A/L GOPAL (SW087623) Objectives a) To design an efficient and effective restaurant management system b) To apply the concept of process modeling c) To understand the different phases of system development. d) To know the components of the system and the way they are integrated. e) To have systematic business system. Other Objectives a) To keep the restaurant organized. b) To provide an effective way for the workers in the restaurant. c) To provide post-sales and analysis report for the manager Gantt Chart Constantly updating
info of the databases. Access to any screen must be
within 3 seconds. In case of power supply loss,
backup power must support normal operations
for at least 30 minutes. Must have a concise user manual. a) User friendly.

b) Menu driven GUI.

c) Provides dialog boxes, clear instructions, dropdown list boxes, and spin buttons for user input. User Requirements Data Flow Diagram Context Diagram Level 0 Development: User Interface 1. Customer Info 2. Kitchen Info 3. Cashier Info 4. Order list The following interface that the user would encounter is the order list. This window will display all of the user’s selections along with the prices and the total. The user would click “OK” when he is satisfied with the display. 2. Food Menu This is the food menu which opens when the user clicks “food” in the first menu. The items are arranged in a list. When the user clicks an item in the list, it will be highlighted and when he clicks “save” after that, the item will be stored in a list. Clicking and saving the same item more than once will increase the quantity of the item in the list. 5. Preference Selection Clicking “OK” at the order list window will lead here. The user is asked to select whether he wants to eat in or take away. After making that selection, he will click submit and this will send his order list to the kitchen info system. 3. Drink Menu Clicking “drinks” upon returning to the first window, will open the drinks menu. The way selections are made here is similar as in the food menu. 1. First Interface This is the first window that the user would see. It contains two options which are “food” and “drinks”. When the user selects “food”, a food menu will open and when he selects “drinks”, a drinks menu will open.This is the first window that the user would see. It contains two options which are “food” and “drinks”. When the user selects “food”, a food menu will open and when he selects “drinks”, a drinks menu will open 1. New Order Alert The kitchen info system alerts the head cook of a new order from the customer with this box. The head cook clicks “view” and this will display the order list with the table number. 2. Order List for the Kitchen This is the order list. Clicking “OK” will open another window with a list of cooks. 4. Done Cooking Alert The cooks who are done preparing the items will click the “done” button. Once all the cooks who are involved with the order of that particular customer click “done”, the kitchen info system will alert the head cook. He also finally clicks “done”. With this, the order list (Invoice) will be printed out to be given to the customer. 3. Send Order to Cook The head cook will select from this list of cooks and send that cook a copy of the order list. 5. Submit List to Cashier The head cook confirms the completion by clicking “submit”. This will send the order list to the cashier. 2. Table List Select Then he will click a table number on his display which would display the order list of that table with unit prices and total. 1. New Order List (Invoice) Alert The cashier info system alerts the cashier with a box about a new list. The cashier clicks “OK”. 3. Cashier Order List The customer will be asked to pay according to the display and once transaction is done, the cashier clicks “done”. Conclusion 1. This system hopefully can overcome the problem in the current system and people can practice this in future. 2. As a conclusion, the system is a useful tool for the restaurant to be organized in a proper way. The system helps the higher authorities of the restaurant to control the restaurant and check or view updates about the restaurant. THE END
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