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The Memory Keepers Daughter

No description

Abbi Anderson

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Memory Keepers Daughter

Edwards tries and shows the readers that the burden of secrets can bring along many emotions including regret and guilt and not only does it affect the person living the secret but also those around them

Big Idea
They Don't Know
I am outgoing,
Spreading my smiles to everyone,
My jokes are hilarious,
They say I'm wonderful and fun.

It is that they don't know,
I put up a front to all,
Feeling powerless,
Feeling small.

It is how they don't know,
Because my life is fake.
Nobody has knowledge of this.
I am a disastrous mistake.

It is when they don't know,
I will die.
Dying by my own hand,
Without saying goodbye.

It is now that they don't know,
I am stuck in the depths of despair,
Attempting suicide,
Leaving them unaware.

It is why they don't know,
Never wanting to impose.
Time has passed and now I am dead,
Nobody understands, nobody knows.

Psychology researchers find that keeping thoughts to yourself is just like carrying an extra load

The more secrets you contain inside you the heavier it weighs on you and could even effect your health.
The Kite Runner
Amir sees Hassan get raped but doesn't tell anyone and lives with the regret and guilt of not doing anything to help his best friend his whole life
David doesn't tell Norah the truth about their daughter his whole life and he feels guilty for giving her up knowing that shes still alive but Norah thinks she's dead
The Memory Keepers Daughter
Kim Edwards

Opposing viewpoint- The Color Purple
Celie's father sells her to a man and she basically becomes his servant. Even thought her dad sold her he doesn't feel guilty or regretful towards it.

Unlike David who can't keep it off his mind and it's all he can think about. "How would things be different?" "What will Norah and Paul say when they find out?" "what's she like?"
In today’s society we think that if we lie about something it will all be okay and nothing will happen. But the mental and emotional burdens overcome the physical punishments that would’ve happened if we were just honest in the first place.
“Photography is all about secrets. The secrets we all have and will never tell.”
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