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Developmentally appropriate play

No description

Orla Carley

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Developmentally appropriate play

Developmentally appropriate play 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-9months 9-12 months Smiles Fix / follow Rolling Reaching Grasping Textures
shapes Sitting Moving into/out of sitting Crawling Standing with support Pincer Cause/Effect Imitation Peek-a-boo Pull to stand Oppositon
Isolated finger extension 'mama'/'dada' Repetition Head control Midline Reflexes Supported sit Mouths Transfers Finger feed Forward protective Lateral protective 'ooh'
'aah' Back and forth Activity centres Ball Everyday objects Choice 12-15 months Help with Self care/Household task Pretend play 15-18 Months Crawl up/down stairs Climbing 18-24 Months 3/4 words Push/pull toys body parts Squat Run Climb Backwards Ride on toy Scribble 20words Up/down stairs Jump Imaginative play
dress up
toy animals/farm
kitchen/shopper Discovery
play dough Crayons Blocks Puzzles Books 2-3 Years Stairs One leg balance Kick ball Tricycle Books & Blocks Throw/Catch Friends Cruising Blocks Books Peg puzzles Nesting cups Problem solving Shape sorters Walk with hand held Tripod grasp Finally... Physio
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