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Percy Jackson and Hercules's traits.

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Caitlin Mclauchlan

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson and Hercules's traits.

By Caitlin Mclauchlan. The Archetypal Hero. What are the ten traits of a hero? Unusual Birth. Leaving home. A special weapon/power. The beginning of an adventure The hero must prove him/herself. Emotional Scarring . Unusual Birth.
Leaves home or Family.
The beginning of an adventure.
A special weapon or power.
Supernatural help.
The hero must prove himself/herself.
The quest.
Emotional Scarring.
Atonement with father or father figure.
After life rewards. The birth of a hero will always have a different aspect to it. For example it may be being born into royalty or into danger that makes it different. In the end the hero will have an expectation to live up to that makes him/her different than everybody else. When circumstances change,our hero has to be sent away or he/she leaves home to start on a new chapter in their lives. Usually something tragic happens before the hero leaves. An event that immediately changes the hero’s point of view and makes him realize a special trait or destiny that changes them forever. Sometimes it can be traumatic or it can be coincidental. Something that makes the hero unique. If it is a weapon it is one that only he can use or it is the weapon that he is most skilled with. If it involves a power it is a power that only he/she or only a couple of other people have, if anybody else has this power it is someone of a higher power or someone of past generations. Hero’s aren't just accepted as a hero they have to prove that their intentions are pure and they only mean to do well. They have to prove themselves more than once to more than one group of people. During the quest the hero will experience something that will hurt him/her worse than anything physical ever could. Soon he/she will grow and mature from it but he/she will never forget it. Percy Jackson's Birth. Hercules's Birth. Percy Jackson was born different than any normal mortal. Percy is a demi-god, born the son of Poseidon. Although his mother tries to keep him away from the dangerous life of a hero Percy doesn't seem to "fit in" with other normal children. We later find out that being the son of a god gives you certain qualities you cannot control. Hercules was born to Zeus the god of the sky and Alcmene a mortal. This makes him a demi-god just like Percy. Hercules was born with great strength and straight away he developed an enemy, his stepmother Hera, who put a snake in his cradle planning to kill him and because of Hercules's great strength he was able to kill the serpent before it could harm him. Percy Leaves home. When a fury disguise's it's self as a substitute teacher at Percy's school and then attacks him while on a field trip. Grover Percy's best friend reveals himself as his protector and escorts Percy home to warn his mother of the danger and then take him to camp half-blood which is the only safe place left for Percy. Hercules Leaving Home. Hera -step-mother- drove him to insanity. Due to his insanity, Hercules killed his wife Megara and their three children. Shame over came Hercules and he exiled himself from his home land. Leading him on a different journey. The start to Percy's adventure. On their way to Camp half-blood Grover, Percy and his mother are attacked by the Minotaur. Percy is able to harm the monster and send him back to his uncle Hades but not before the Minotaur captures Percy's mother and turns her to dust straight in front of Percy pushing him to believe that she was dead. During Percy's time at camp Hades presented himself through the fire and tells Percy that he had his mother imprisoned and would exchange her life for the lightning bolt everybody thought he had stolen from Zeus. The motivation of his mothers life was enough for Percy to leave Camp with Grover and his new found friend Annabeth to start his quest to find and save his mother. Hercules's Quest. When Hercules exiled himself he went to the Delphic Oracle for advise on how to regain his honor. The Oracle told him to go to Eurystheus, king of Mycenae and serve him for twelve years. The king couldn't think of any tasks difficult for the son of Zeus so Hera came down from mount Olympus to help him. Together the King and Hercules's stepmother came up with twelve tasks for him to complete. These are known as the "Twelve Labors Of Hercules." The first Labor was to kill the Nemean Lion. Hercules strangled the monster and carried it back to Eurystheus. This was the first challenge of Hercules's quest. Percy's Special Weapon and Power. Percy being the son of the god of the seas inherits great powers. Not only is he able to control the water around him and bend it too his will he is also able to communicate with horses and zebras because Poseidon created horses out of sea foam. Percy also has a special weapon that was given to him by Chiron the camp activities director. Chiron was given it by Percy's father. It is a sword, it translates to "Riptide" from ancient greek. To the mortal eye it looks like a pen but once it is uncapped it transforms into the weapon. This sword cannot hurt a regular mortal but can do damage to anything else. Percy's "pen." Percy using his inherited traits from Poseidon. Hercules's Strength. Hercules was born with amazing strength. Not only because he was a demi-god but because he was the son of Zeus, the king of the Gods. This gave him immense power. Being born with a power so great brings great responsibility. If it were to get out of hand it could be very dangerous. In fact Hercules had learned this lesson before when he was driven to insanity and murdered his wife and children. He also used it to his advantage when he killed the serpent that Hera set in his cradle to kill him. Supernatural Help. On the hero’s journey they need some guidance or help from someone like a wizard or a god or an old spirit. Percy's help from Ares. While on his quest Percy is held up and is attacked while sights seeing. He lands in the water and is given advise to take a train to Denver. Once the trio arrive they stop by a dinner only to encounter one of Annabeth's and Percy's relatives. Ares the god of war. After doing a deed for him he provides them with transportation to Las Vegas, not far from their final destination. Hercules's help. As I have mentioned Hercules received his help from the Oracle when he asked how to regain his honor. When he was told about the king he knew what he had to do and how he was going to make up for his mistakes. The Journey. A hero is sent on a mission to not only prove himself but to find himself. During this journey he must enter some kind of hell that leads him to a low time in their life. Atonement with the Father or father Figure. The hero will avenge their father or make up for his wrong doing or even prove an accusation wrong to save their father from something horrible. Afterlife rewards. Once the hero has ended his journey he is rewarded in the afterlife whether it is being put into the stars or being put into a safe place when they enter what may be a haven or they will be given a better place when they are reborn. Percy's challenges. During the first book and quest Percy is troubled with many challenges. First he is faced with the fury and minotaur and is then challenged with Medusa, the Hydra and receiving Ares's shield for him in order to make it in time before the big dead line. Hercules's Chances. In total Hercules had to prove himself thirteen times. With each of his labors and the time Nessus the centaur abducted his new wife Deianira the mother of his children. Luckily he killed all of the monsters including the centaur proving to everyone that he is a true hero. Percy's all time low. Percy reaches all sorts of low times in the first book alone. Percy is alone for most of the beginning and then he has to deal with his father claiming him and never even trying to communicating with him. He also has to leave his best friend behind in the under world to guarantee his mothers safety. Hercules worst moment. When Hera drives Hercules insane he murders his first wife and three children. That is something he most likely he will never forget. Being so ashamed of himself put him into a time of life where he wouldn't be able forget either. Percy's scar. When Percy is on his journey he sees and realizes things that he can never over come. By seeing his mother abused by his step-father- the only reason she married him was for Percy's protection- and had to see everything he has fall to pieces including the Camp he now calls home. Hercules's Scar. Just like the last one Hercules's scars are having murdered his wife and Children. I'm sure his step-mother hating him all his life hurt him as well. I'm sure never having a real relationship with his father was even worse for him. Poseidon's relationship to Percy. During the whole book Percy is told about is father even learns who his father is! Not once does he have any special contact with him through out the book except when the green glowing trident appears above his head showing that he is indeed the son of Poseidon. Percy does care though and this is shown through how he saves the lightning bolt to clear his fathers name and stop the war. When Percy returns the bolt to Zeus he meets his father face to face for the first time. Poseidon tells him of the oath taken between his brothers and himself. The oath that states no children should be born from the big three and if so there shall be no contact between the father and the child. So, it was not that Poseidon didn't want to see and meet and bond with his only child it was that it was forbidden. That still didn't stop him from watching. Hercules and Zeus. Hercules and Zeus did not have a relationship. At least it was a very small one. Once Hera had tried to kill Hercules as a child Zeus made sure to keep him out of her way as much as he could. It didn't work but being the king of the gods and skies has to count for something. Never the less Zeus wasn't around just like all the other gods aren't around for their children. Percy's reward. Through out the first book Percy is hurt and cut but once he returns to camp he is rewarded with the new bead on the necklace every demi-god receives has a trident on it in representation of himself and his accomplishments. His mother is also a reward as he can see her safe again and he doesn't have to worry about her anymore. All together Percy is rewarded with a better understanding of his life and the abilities he possesses. Though this life may be dangerous it is the life he was born to live. Hercules's next chapter. When Hercules passes away from poison he is rewarded by being given immortality and now lives in Olympus among the gods. Not only was he given this but he is given is own constellation in the night sky beside many other great warriors. Thank you for listening to the stories of these Hero's. Percy Jackson and Hercules's Comparisons. Percy Jackson. Hercules. Unusual Birth
Leaves Home
The Beginning of an adventure.
A special weapon or power.
Supernatural help.
Proving himself.
The quest/ emotional scarring.
Atonement with the father/father figure.
After Life rewards. -Born a demi-god. Son of Poseidon.
-Leaves to go to a safer place.
-Riptide his fathers sword. Water bending, horse communication.
-Prove himself for Zeus and Ares.
-Find the Lightning bolt, return it.
-Leaving Grover behind. Finding out he is different.
-Meeting Poseidon and knowing he is there.
-Will always be remembered a hero. -Also a demi-god. Son of Zeus.
-Leaving home to regain his honor.
-Starting with his twelve tasks.
-Super Strength
-The oracle giving him the idea.
- His twelve labors, murdering his wife and children.
-Honoring his father by becoming a true hero and proving to him he is a worthy son.
-Having his own constellation/living immortally among the gods. Why do we have hero's? My opinion on hero's is that they help us and guide us through tough times. We need them to look up too. Without Hero's we wouldn't know about the great things people can do. Hero's have been around for as long as almost anyone who is alive today. They demonstrate the good people can do. They demonstrate that the bag guys never win. They demonstrate that anyone can be a Hero. They live among us. Hero's can live ordinary lives. The point is, we need hero's to guide us through the dark times. We need them to provide guidance and show us that you can do and be anything if you put your mind too it. Are Hero's relevant today? Depending on what type of Hero you mean the answer may be different. If you mean the type of mythological hero for example: Percy then not exactly. He may be a great main character in a fantastic book but he doesn't completely help us in life. If you mean the type of hero we see everyday stopping robberies, fire's and trying to protect their countries then absolutely. These Hero's are as important to society today as a Couch to it's team. . We need them to help us in our times of need. They save many peoples lives everyday. We need them to keep us safe and guarded. So, if the definition of 'hero's' is a police officer or a fireman/woman or a soldier then yes I do believe they are relevant today.
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