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Non-Fiction Text Features

No description

Sarah Conley

on 23 March 2018

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Transcript of Non-Fiction Text Features

Table of Contents
A diagram is a picture with labels. It might tell you the parts of something or explain what is in the picture.
Can anyone tell me what page I
can find information on surviving in the wild?
Inside a Non-Fiction Book
Things to Look for as You Read
A table of contents tells us what is in the book. It is usually organized by chapters, or topics. It tells us the pages where we can find the topics we are looking for.
Let's look at an example!
Let's look at an example!
Who can look at the diagram and describe to me where the proboscis is?
Maps show us where something is located.
Let's look at an example!
Where is one place that butterflies from Seattle migrate to?
Photographs and Illustrations
Photographs and illustrations give examples of what things look like.
Let's look at an example!
This photo shows you what a chrysalis looks like.
Charts and Graphs
Looking at the graph, what percentage of pet owners own a dog?
Charts and graphs are used to compare different facts.
Let's look at an example!
Keywords are usually in a different size, bolded, or in italics to show that they are important. They help us focus on what is important on the page. They also might be vocabulary that we need to look up in the glossary.
Let's look at an example!
What are the two keywords in this paragraph?
Headings tell us what we are going to read about on the page.
Let's look at an example!
What are the headings on this page?
A sidebar is a story or additional information that is in addition to the body of the rest of the page.
Let's look at an example!
Can anyone tell me where the sidebar is on this page?
Text Box
A text box is a usually a colored or outlined box on a page where there is additional information about a keyword or subject. It isn't as large as a sidebar and has information that is about the main body of the text.
Let's look at an example!
Main Body
Labels are words that usually tell you what a picture is about.
Let's look at an example!
What does the label say?
A caption is very similar to a label, but it is usually a complete sentence or several sentences that explain what is happening in a photograph or illustration.
Let's look at an example!
Who can read the caption below?
The glossary is like a dictionary in your book. You can use it to look up tricky words. It is usually in the back of the book.
Let's look at an example!
Who can tell me the meaning of the word antennas?
The index is usually at the back of the book. You can look up a topic and the index tells you what page or pages it is on.
Let's look at an example!
On what page(s) could I find information about tasting?
Text Box
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